• Bail out Britain’s nature

    wolf fields rejoice 2A Rocha UK plans to help head off a crisis for Britain’s ‘green and pleasant land’ – and urges churches to join the rescue bid.

    ‘Nature in the UK is in big trouble – that’s backed up by the latest data,’ said CEO Andy Atkins, as he launched the charity’s new strategy. ‘A Rocha UK’s vision is to see Christians and churches make a major contribution to turning this around.’

    Alongside its ongoing conservation work, A Rocha UK will spearhead action in three areas. ‘Loving nature means enjoying, nurturing and protecting it,’ said Andy. ‘With the UK’s natural environment under threat, our new strategy will focus on giving more people more experience of nature – and the tools to love it.’


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For less than the cost of a couple of coffees each month, you can help pay nature’s recovery bill. A regular gift of just £4 will go towards funding A Rocha UK’s new strategy for the environment.

The state of UK’s nature demands unprecedented efforts to save it - and A Rocha UK believes it’s ideally placed to mobilise churches to help. But it needs your support.

The most effective way is to take out a standing order. Regular donors giving at least £3 per month will receive A Rocha UK’s magazine 'Root And Branch' twice a year. Download a standing order form here or call 020 85745935.



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