Sunday 14th December: Candle Power

Orange Candles

Take an orange. A lemon or grapefruit will work just as well. Cut in half and eat the flesh. Leave the centre core-like stem intact. Pour vegetable or olive oil into the empty shell just below the top of the stem. Light the stem. It will burn for hours and smell amazing.

It looks pretty if you cut a star shape in the middle of the other half and put it over the top.

To add a bit of extra sparkle to your candle, try wrapping a bit of spare tinsel or red ribbon around the lower half of your orange, making sure it doesn’t cover any cut-out holes. Or you can decorate with a few cloves pushed into the outside of the orange skin, not too close to the flame.

You could use a little melted wax to fix the base of the orange candle to a baking tray or small non-plastic plate to make sure that they do not tip over.

Remember, always treat candles carefully. Don’t leave them burning unattended.