• Search is on for nature’s ambassadors
    March 24, 2017

    Ambassadors for nature are being recruited by A Rocha UK and one of our partners, as interns are sought both for the national team and for a centre in South Wales.

    Leading the emerging generation into nurturing ‘wild nature’ will be the challenge for a new Education Intern to work with children across West London. The intern will assist Education Officer David Melville to create engaging activities and prepare fun learning resources.


    ‘Running environmental encounters, holiday park specials and other events at sites and schools around West London will all be part of the job,’ said David. ‘The intern will help express A Rocha UK’s message of Christian hope for the environment.’

    A new volunteer is also needed to help run A Rocha UK’s highly successful award scheme Eco Church. The team member will work from our Southall office ... Read more...

  • Schools make a mark on community
    March 24, 2017

    IMG_3647More than 400 West London schoolchildren have made their mark on A Rocha UK’s urban nature reserve Wolf Fields.

    They followed in Banksy’s footsteps – or should we say handprints – by hand painting leaves for autumn, spring and summer trees on a storage container at the three-acre site.


    Pupils and teachers from Wolf Fields Primary School were led by A Rocha UK staff and volunteers in a most orderly fashion to brighten up what otherwise would be a most dull-looking storage unit.

    Wearing protective aprons and gloves, they all contributed to the art display as part of the ongoing development to turn a former drug den and dumping ground into an urban nature reserve and community garden.

    ‘Street art is usually linked to gangs and crime – and at one time that was part of the life of this site,’ said Environmental Education ... Read more...

  • Eco church launches revised survey
    March 24, 2017

    green communion story pic 3 - 1A new version of Eco Church’s online survey is to be launched – and the team is growing to cope with rising demand for A Rocha UK’s award scheme.

    This second edition will include some new questions, revisions to existing responses and associated point scores. There will be a section for additional information about any constraints in a church’s context – or about any activities not covered by the questions.


    The award scheme is now into its second year, with almost 550 churches registered and nearly 100 awards confirmed. Eco Church is big project run by a small team – so they’re looking to recruit a new volunteer.


    The revised scheme comes after churches provided suggestions for making Eco Church even better. Having logged all the feedback, the Eco Church team have been hard at work acting ... Read more...

  • Dragonflies fire the imagination
    March 24, 2017

    Willow Emerald damselfly pair in tandem egg laying 9.9.15A Rocha UK are watching life spring from death, as they get ready for the official opening of their new nature reserve Foxearth Meadows. They’ve found that dragonflies are using diseased trees as nurseries on the 11-acre site by the Suffolk border.

    As a result, A Rocha UK have decided not to chop the fungus-ridden wood, and let their residents flourish. We will officially open Foxearth Meadows on 13th May as Britain’s only nature reserve managed primarily for dragonflies.


    ‘Reserve Manager Mark Prina has been inspecting our ash trees at Foxearth Meadows,’ said Conservation Director Andy Lester. ‘A disease sweeping the UK – ash die back – appears to have arrived at the reserve.

    ‘Many ash trees show signs of the fungus. But where one species suffers, another appears to benefit. Mark has spotted scarring on ... Read more...

  • Comment: Honey, we shrunk the bees
    March 24, 2017

    wolf fields 6 (1)Bees bring the zing to your supper. According to Friends of the Earth bee specialist Paul de Zylva, these little creatures pollinate much of the produce that offers flavour to food. Life would be lifeless without them, says A Rocha UK Conservation Director Andy Lester.


    The terms ‘hive of activity’ and ‘as busy as a bee’ were coined for good reason. A typical hive may have upwards of 50,000 bees – all of which know what they’re doing and when they’re doing it. And did you know in a typical hive, the worker bees between them will have travelled 90,000 miles in 2017? That’s the equivalent of three times round the planet.

    Our bees are incredible. In a typical lifetime of a worker bee, they’ll be responsible for the creation of just 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey. One ... Read more...

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