• Comment: Mammals under threat
    July 5, 2018

    A recent report suggested that a fifth of Britain’s mammal species are at risk of extinction. The wildlife that surrounded so many of us in years gone by is becoming increasingly rare—hedgehogs, red squirrels and several species of bat are in dramatic decline. Faced with statistics such as these it is easy to lose hope. But hope is still to be found.

    The reasons for the decline in mammals are numerous. The demand for housebuilding increases pressure on local authorities to build across green corridors. People live ever closer to wildlife and, when it comes to conflict, the people generally come off better. Wildlife is feeling the effects of climate change, too, with food harder to find and hibernation patterns disrupted.


    But particular species in certain areas are bouncing back. Improvements in river water quality alongside reintroduction programmes have led ... Read more...

  • Brunel Manor, Our latest Partner In Action
    July 4, 2018

    Brunel Manor is Christian holiday and conference centre in Torquay, providing accommodation and conference facilities for church groups and retreats and holidays for individuals and their families. The site includes 13 acres of grounds including formal gardens, ponds and a woodland.

    We will be working closely with the Brunel Manor team to help them manage their land in an environmentally friendly way. They’re working towards a zero waste policy and plan to join in with our Target Ten project restoring the populations of threatened species on their land.

    Rachel Oates, Head of Estate and Buildings also has particular responsibility for environmental coordination “we already compost our kitchen waste and ensure that we buy as much locally produced food as we can – we hope to increase this over time and are excited by the prospect of engaging our guests with the wonder of ... Read more...

  • Green Communion 2018
    April 26, 2018

    Following the success of Green Communion last year, we’re getting ready to run it again! We’re adding to the resources available so there’ll be something for everyone, from high church to low and from contemplative to charismatic!

    We’re hoping that it can form part of your celebration of ‘Creation Time’ in September—the month when churches all around the world will unite to recognise both the wonder and the fragility of the planet we live on.

    To get involved in Green Communion, pick a date in September—ideally a Sunday that you’d normally hold a communion service. We’ll be releasing our updated materials next month!


  • Use your voice to inspire the church
    April 26, 2018

    There’s a growing awareness in the church of our call to care for God’s earth. But so many congregations have yet to embed this call into their everyday work and witness. We’re expanding our team of volunteer speakers—people who can take this message of faith-motivated environmental sustainability and conservation into new churches, raising awareness of the need to act and helping A Rocha reach new supporters. Have you got what it takes?

    We provide speaker training and regular updates about our work in the hope that you might be available to speak a couple of times a year. You’d be part of a national community of speakers, many of them very experienced, with opportunities to meet and share stories of what’s working well.

    If you’re interested in joining the team, please contact Helen Stephens, our Church Relations Manager, to find out more: 020 ... Read more...

  • Comment: Nailing Down a “Green Brexit”
    April 26, 2018

    With the clock ticking down to the end of the UK’s membership of the European Union, the Christian voice is needed more than ever in defense of nature.

    Michel Barnier, the EU chief negotiator, has announced that the EU will insist on a non-regression clause on environmental standards in the UK’s exit agreement from the EU. Given that both Theresa May and Michael Gove have previously said that they would not lower the UK’s environmental standards after Brexit, it could sound like there are grounds for easy agreement.


    But there is a dangerous gap between the government’s rhetoric and its practice.

    The Brexit Bill currently going through Parliament provides no assurance that current EU environmental protections will be continued in UK law after Brexit. The enforcement bodies, including the Environment Agency, are weakened after years of austerity and budget cuts. Recent data shows a ... Read more...

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