• Eco Church enjoys Manx welcome
    January 3, 2017

    peel-cathedral-isle-of-man-1Manx Christians have welcomed Eco Church to their island – after A Rocha UK ran a series of meetings and interviews there.

    Churches And Theology Director Dr Ruth Valerio spearheaded a packed programme of media interviews and speaking engagements to launch A Rocha UK’s Eco Church award scheme on the Isle of Man. Many churches were surprised to find they were already on the right path – with some naturally qualifying for an Eco Church award.


    Dr Valerio visited the Isle of Man on the first weekend of the First Sunday of Advent. Christian Aid IoM helped her run the Eco Church launch programme, which included:

    – a drop-in at the Green Centre;
    – teaching ministers and lay readers of the diocese of Sodor and the Isle of Man;
    – Sunday sermon at Broadway Baptist Church;
    – World Development Group meeting;

  • Be green and be seen
    January 3, 2017

    show-the-love-story-1Wear your green heart on your sleeve. That’s the message to A Rocha UK supporters to celebrate nature and support action on climate change.

    A Rocha UK is inviting supporters to wear the ‘green heart’ symbol and ‘Show The Love’ for a nationwide campaign (pictured). Resources can be downloaded to make your own green heart – among a wide range of resources for community and school events.


    Concerned Christians are also encouraged to organise or take part in a local event – such as celebrating A Rocha UK’s ‘Green Communion’ at their church – and making sure it’s promoted and registered as part of the initiative.

    It’s all part of ‘For The Love Of’ campaign run by the Climate Coalition, of which A Rocha UK is a member. People are urged to make February a month where they ‘Show ... Read more...

  • Supporters scoop a pond
    January 3, 2017

    frog-square-3-1Generous supporters – with The Big Give Christmas Challenge in partnership with The Childhood Trust – have raised more than £15,000, exceeding the target for a pond at Wolf Fields.


    ‘You did it!’ said CEO Andy Atkins, just after hearing the news. ‘Thanks to all our supporters and the Big Give Christmas appeal, we can now build a pond at our Wolf Fields urban nature reserve.

    ‘Our plan is to make a better home for hard pressed amphibians and enable more local children to have a great experience of nature. We send a big “thank you” from all of us at A Rocha UK.’

    Planning is now well underway – with the Wolf Fields support group working out the final design. Led by Community Manager Kailean Khongsai, the group is a team of key volunteers who’ve come together to ensure the new ... Read more...

  • Harvesters welcome Wolf Fields ‘haven’
    November 18, 2016

    wolf-fields-harvest-1-1A ‘small haven’ for people and wildlife. That’s how one local described A Rocha UK’s urban nature reserve Wolf Fields at a recent harvest celebration there.

    They were among more than 70 people who came along from the community. Some were representing local churches – St Anselm’s, St John’s, St George’s, the Baptist Church, and New Life Masih Ghar, Heston.


    They all joined in a packed programme that included harvesting, sharing food and conversation, touring the sensory garden, exploring the orchard – and more.

    ‘It was time to harvest most of the crops we’d been growing in the allotment – potatoes, pumpkins, onions and garlics,’ said Community Manager Kailean Khongsai. ‘The large group of young people that attended took turns digging up the potatoes – which half-filled the wheelbarrow!’

    For refreshments, people brought along some food and drinks to share – and ... Read more...

  • Park your ride at Foxearth
    November 18, 2016

    foxearth-digging-1Foxearth’s visitor experience is expected to flourish even more – thanks to proposals for a new car park at A Rocha UK’s 11-acre nature reserve.

    After an eventful journey, plans have been approved by Braintree District Council for a parking area at the site, which lies on the Suffolk and Essex border. When completed, it will offer space for eight cars, two motorbikes and four pushbikes. Work has begun on finding the best materials for the surface.


    The proposal has come about after a long quest for ranger Mark Prina. ‘I’d parked a few times within the gates after starting work at Foxearth in September 2015,’ he recalled, ‘quickly recognising the less than ideal verge parking option.

    ‘After a period of wet weather in the October, I duly drove through the gates and immediately got stuck fast – horribly stuck! Fortunately ... Read more...

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