• Your pound could buy our pond
    November 18, 2016

    frog-square-3-1Supporters are urged to make donations for a new wildlife pond – as A Rocha UK goes ‘live’ with The Big Give Christmas Challenge in the next few days.

    Donors can make twice the splash with every pound they give. From 12noon 29th November to 12noon 2nd December, The Big Give Christmas Challenge will match each donation and help A Rocha UK create a wildlife ‘oasis’ in West London’s urban sprawl.


    Thanks to The Big Give Christmas Challenge, A Rocha UK supporters can see their donations double at no extra cost. A Rocha UK is urging supporters to help raise £7,000 for a pond at the Wolf Fields urban nature reserve.

    The Big Give Christmas Challenge will double the amount A Rocha UK receives up to a maximum of £14,000 – at no extra cost to the giver. Supporters must visit Read more...

  • Comment: You, me and Trump
    November 18, 2016

    american-flags-1-1The whole world should vote in the US elections, because they have such an impact on the rest of us. At least that’s how the joke goes. With the election of Donald Trump, more people than ever would agree. If Trump implements even half of his campaign promises, it’ll be a disaster for the environment.


    The president-elect has pledged to cancel US participation in the Paris Agreement on climate change, reverse Obama’s laws to reduce coal-fired power station emissions, abolish support to renewable energy projects and shut down the US Environmental Protection Agency. That’s just for starters. It’s a nightmarish scenario that could well come true. So, what can we do?

    We should pray for the millions of US citizens who care passionately about nature. They’re grieving and fearful today, and need wisdom on how to proceed. We can hope the momentum ... Read more...

  • Splash out on a pond!
    October 31, 2016

    tbg-christmas-logo-02-1Generous supporters – with the backing of The Big Give Christmas Appeal – have just raised more than £15,000, exceeding the target to put in a pond at Wolf Fields. But there’s a chance to do more to make this a real wildlife ‘oasis’ for West London.

    ‘You did it!’ said CEO Andy Atkins, just after hearing the news. ‘Thanks to all our supporters and the Big Give Christmas Appeal, we can now build a pond at our Wolf Fields urban nature reserve. Our plan is to make a better home for hard pressed amphibians and enable more local children to have a great experience of nature.

    ‘We send a big “thank you” from all of us at A Rocha UK. The Challenge is now open until 12pm (midday) on Tuesday 6th December – so there’s still time to donate to our ... Read more...

  • Comment: Alien invaders attack!
    October 21, 2016

    asian-hornet-2-1I visited the Pyrenees with my family, and found a new species. It was the red-billed leiothrix – or Pekin Robin – from south-east Asia. It is a shy thrush-sized bird with scarlet bill, greenish back, blue tail, yellow underparts and a rosy breast.


    The song is somewhere between a nightingale and a blackbird. It added a splash of colour to a late summer day. This species was released from cages in north-east Spain in 1990, and has since naturalised in river valleys in the Pyrenean mountains. According to recent university surveys, they don’t appear to be having any negative impact on French wildlife. They add to the sound and spectacle of the mountains. So good news, then!

    Not so fast! The second UK record of Asian hornet has been confirmed, from a smallholding in Somerset. This species has had a profound ... Read more...

  • Make way for a green day
    October 21, 2016

    Every church can turn green – with a national celebration for the first anniversary of Eco Church. It’s captured the imagination of well-known places of worship.

    Churches are encouraged to use a green cloth and green liturgy for communion services on 5th February 2017. St Paul’s Cathedral (pictured), Canterbury Cathedral, Goldhill Baptist Church, York Minster, Romsey Abbey and Portsmouth Cathedral have said they’ll take part. Others are expected to follow.


    A ‘Green Communion’ resource has been specially written by Precentor of Canterbury Cathedral Rev Matthew Rushton. Churches who don’t normally use liturgy can adapt the prayers and use them however they want.

    Worshippers will be able not only to download prayers but also to upload pictures of their services to the Eco Church website. This will create a mosaic of a nationwide community caring for God’s earth across England and Wales.

    ‘Having ...

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