• Lizards tip the scales in Wales
    December 16, 2015

    Cwm IvyLizards – not wizards – are part of the real magic of Wales. That’s what explorers will find on A Rocha UK’s Gower Wildlife Holiday at St Madoc Centre, Llanmadoc.

    Researching the nation’s reptilian life is just one of the agenda items for the event, which runs from 3rd-9th September 2016 amid the UK’s first Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


    Guests will enjoy encountering wildlife including – Adders, Great Green Bush Crickets and possibly a jellyfish or two.

    A marine day will start the week. Also on offer are home-cooked food and the chance to meet fellow A Rocha UK friends. After time for Celtic prayer, wildlife activities will include reptile surveys, botanising, birds, and pond dipping.

    A volunteering day means holidaymakers can help with practical jobs like gardening or Bracken clearing in the dunes. There is a free day to explore Gower or beyond ... Read more...

  • Hear The Call Of The Wild
    November 24, 2015

    Abseiling with Adventure PlusA monk, a mountaineer and a money guru walk into a field – but it’s no joke. It will take place at daring new event Wild Wonderful World.

    Run by A Rocha UK with outdoor pursuits centre Adventure Plus, the spring conference will mix environment with energy in a pulsating programme based on ‘reconnecting faith, adventure and caring for God’s world’.


    The ‘monk’ is Brother Sam of Hilfield Friary, a community that helps people reconnect with nature. The ‘mountaineer’ is Jo Gambi, the only woman to have climbed the highest mountain on every continent. The ‘money guru’ is former finance expert David Nussbaum, now chief of World Wildlife Fund UK.

    They are key speakers at Wild Wonderful World, which runs from 22nd – 24th April 2016 at the 50-acre Windmill Farm. Also contributing are A Rocha UK Conservation ... Read more...

  • Prayer heats up over global warming
    November 17, 2015

    andy lester at portcullis 1Concerned Christians should pray for action for the world’s ‘catastrophic’ climate, says a leading conservationist.

    The alarm was sounded by A Rocha UK’s Conservation Director Andy Lester (pictured) in a recent interview for Premier Christian Radio’s The News Hour. He urged Christians to pray for the United Nations climate talks in Paris.


    A Rocha UK is part of a global initiative to enable Christians around the world to pray together during the talks. There will be a common hashtag #Pray4COP21, hour-long prayer slots and a pool of prayers to share.

    Quizzed about latest findings from the World Meteorological Organisation, Andy warned of ‘absolutely catastrophic’ affects on the planet as excess carbon dioxide, methane and other gases cause temperatures to increase.

    ‘We’re looking at between 2.7-3 degrees Celsius rise over the next 70-90 years,’ he told Premier Christian Radio. ‘There is a real opportunity ... Read more...

  • Bringing Advent down to earth
    November 17, 2015

    Wise men and women bearing gifts appear in a unique online calendar to bring Advent down to earth. They are clergy and conservationists – presenting specially written podcasts to promote prayer for the planet.


    Their ‘thought for the day’-style audio clips can be found on A Rocha UK’s Hope for the World website. The aim of the calendar is to equip and inform listeners about the United Nations climate change talks in Paris.

    From 1st December, each day brings a different message by such people as – Alpha pioneer Nicky Gumbel, TV presenter Peter Owen-Jones, Christian Aid chief Loretta Minghella, botanist explorer Sir Ghillean Prance and CAFOD director Chris Bain.

    ‘We have an amazing line-up of contributors. I’m excited about how this calendar can play a unique role in encouraging Christians to pray, reflect and act during the UN talks and the Advent ... Read more...

  • Sound ideas are shared for Advent
    November 2, 2015

    sound ideasChristians across Britain can plug into podcasts from a specially themed Advent calendar that mixes Christmas with conservation.

    A Rocha UK’s online service Hope For The World offers seasonal reflections by leaders in conservation, development and theology. They share ‘thought for the day’-style messages – and rally people to pray for the planet.


    Audio clips can be heard from such commentators as Christian Aid chief Loretta Minghella OBE and TV presenter Peter Owen-Jones. They apply hope to United Nations climate change talks, which take place in Paris just before the festivities.

    In his own podcast, Holy Trinity Brompton Vicar and Alpha pioneer Nicky Gumbel (pictured) calls the wider church to repent in this whole area. ‘When I looked at this subject, I realised there are things we’ve been doing that we shouldn’t have been doing in terms of the environment,’ ... Read more...

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