• Help us help others to reconnect with nature
    November 24, 2017

    We’re launching a new programme! Designed to help individuals and families to engage with nature, it will be packed full of ideas for people to get stuck into – from what to put in your bird feeder in December to when to plant your tomatoes in the spring, to stomping in the autumn leaves (with or without children).

    But we want your help!

    What has helped you and your family to enjoy nature throughout the year? Which verses of Scripture do you read when you’re feeling ‘green’? Where do you go to find God’s glory reflected in creation?


  • Comment: A Wilberforce moment for the world
    November 24, 2017

    Over the past days we’ve seen the majority of countries sitting down to COP23 – the latest talks on climate change. They come against a background of rising sea levels, a hurricane season of almost unimaginable ferocity and rapidly declining wildlife worldwide.


    You’ll have noticed little substantive news from the talks. While there’s broad agreement on the need to reach the climate change target of under 2C, all the models indicate that without a radical global policy shift not only are we likely to miss the Paris targets – but also may be on track for a global rise in our lifetime of 3C or more.

    A Rocha UK and other organisations have met with climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe. ‘Change is happening now,’ she said. ‘Climate change isn’t something we’re expecting in 20, 30 or 40 years time. It is upon us. ... Read more...

  • Choose your green champion
    October 26, 2017

    Does someone in your community deserve recognition? Has your MP gone above and beyond to make your town clean and secure? Has a local school, business or group impressed you with their fresh approach to sustainability?


    If so, their eco-efforts could make them your Green Hero. All you have to do is nominate them – and they have a chance of receiving this accolade. The Green Heart Hero awards are part of the Show The Love campaign run by the Climate Coalition, of which we are a member.

    The awards will be held at Speaker’s House in Parliament in February 2018. High profile speakers and presenters promise to make it a day to remember. Those who want to choose their champion – by nominating an individual or group to be a Green Heart Hero – must do so by 1st December. There ... Read more...

  • Your legacy can help nature
    October 26, 2017

    Your love of God’s earth can live on – by remembering us in your will. And we’ve produced a resource to guide you through the essential steps.

    The leaflet Create A Legacy explains how a will is an opportunity to provide for the people and causes you care most about. And it shows how you can help give nature a future in your will.


    ‘Leaving a gift in your will to A Rocha UK is a wonderful way to ensure that your faith, love and passion for nature lives on,’ says Create A Legacy. ‘Making a will means you can feel secure knowing your wishes will be carried out. Your will can be a lasting act of love.’

    A Rocha UK is unable to offer legal or financial advice, so information is offered on where to get that help for making a ... Read more...

  • Foxearth Meadows scoops special site status
    October 26, 2017

    It’s a pleasant cycle ride to ‘a tranquil haven’. Visit our nature reserve Foxearth Meadows – and leave your bike safely locked up – while you tour what is now officially one of the most valuable wildlife areas in Essex.

    Foxearth Meadows has been recognised as a Local Wildlife Site. The 11-acre reserve also boasts the recent installation of galvanised steel cycle racks to encourage more bike riders to visit. ‘The designation is recognition of the significant conservation interest Foxearth Meadows holds and acknowledges that the site is of county significance,’ said Local Wildlife Sites Officer for Essex Wildlife Trust John More.


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