• How to be a bat-friendly church
    November 7, 2014

    bat conservation trust image squareWhile some churches might be in a flap about bats, A Rocha UK have stepped in to shed some light on these creatures.

    Rather than hang around, the conservation charity have launched a new resource that shows how to be a ‘bat-friendly church’. It’s available as a free download here. Produced with input from the Bat Conservation Trust, A Rocha UK’s leaflet has already attracted support from church leaders.

    ‘Churches don’t need to feel stumped about how to live and let live with bats,’ said Bishop of Willesden and Deputy Bishop of London Rt Rev Pete Broadbent.

    ‘A Rocha UK’s leaflet bowls over the arguments against bat conservation, bails you out with advice on how to be a bat-friendly church, and offers practical suggestions on alternatives to bats in the belfry.’

    West Sussex vicar Rev Richard Hayes also backed the ... Read more...

  • Double your money this Christmas
    November 7, 2014

    double your moneySupporters of A Rocha UK are being encouraged to break ground at the charity’s new nature reserve Foxearth – by doubling their donations.

    From 10am on 4th December, each person who gives could have their donation doubled through the ‘Big Give Christmas Challenge’.

    The ‘Big Give’ works on the basis of ‘first come, first served’. That means it’s important to donate as near to 10am as possible. If someone is unsuccessful with seeing their donations matched on the 4th, they can try again at the same time on the 5th and then on the 6th.

    Every penny helps, as following the purchase of the Foxearth site this winter, A Rocha UK will be starting the next stage in 2015. That includes employing a Conservation Officer and putting conservation and education plans in place.

    ‘We need your help to support this crucial new staff ... Read more...

  • Sussex summit links land and faith
    November 7, 2014

    sussex summit links land and faithHow to grow ‘a richer community’ was among the challenges shared at a unique event spearheaded by A Rocha UK and the Wiston Estate.

    Around 25 delegates were drawn to this second ‘Land Stewardship And Faith’ conference. They converged on the 16th-century Wiston House at the foot of the South Downs, Sussex. A summary report has just been released, and can be downloaded here.

    Over three days in spring, delegates engaged in discussion around Christian community and the land. Land managers, scientists, entrepreneurs and theologians shared their professional and personal experiences.

    It was Brother Luigi Gioia from the Pontifical University, Rome, who addressed the theme of community living. ‘Think about all the people, in whatever role or whatever function, all the birds who live in the tree entrusted to you – your family, tenants, employees, all the birds,’ ... Read more...

  • Go for a greener Christmas
    November 7, 2014

    i'm dreaming of a green christmasA natural remedy for festive fever has been prepared by A Rocha UK – in the form of a ‘green’ online Advent calendar.

    Daily doses of environmental advice offer to settle those seasonal challenges – from the thorny problem of Christmas trees to the drastic plastic of shop-bought decorations. Each calendar window opens on a practical plan to soothe the stress on both pocket and planet.

    This unique resource includes such tips as – how to choose a ‘happy turkey’, recycle Christmas cards, re-use wrapping materials, shop at charity stores and create candles that are kinder to creation.

    ‘We’re concerned that households are clogged up with consumerism at Christmas,’ said Churches And Theology Director Dr Ruth Valerio, ‘and it’s all at the expense of our immediate and wider environment.

    ‘Family breakdown, health problems and debt are the festive fall-out for ... Read more...

  • Half-termers’ Hallowe’en ‘horror’ hunt
    October 16, 2014

    screech in the night for webBrave young schoolchildren will be chasing after Hallowe’en ‘horror’ during a special half-term hunt this month (October).

    Owls – traditionally messengers of doom – will be the focus of an autumn playscheme run by  A Rocha UK. ‘Things That Go Screech In The Night’ will help youngsters see what owls eat – by examining their pellets! The one-day special takes place on Wednesday 29th October from 1-4pm at Minet Country Park, Hayes.

    ‘We’ll be searching for owl pellets, then dissecting them to discover what an owl eats,’ said A Rocha UK Environmental Education Officer David Melville. ‘That’s where we’ll find the secret to their future success. We’ll look at the owl population in general to determine how they’re doing and if there’s anything we can do to help.’

    Featuring a range of games and crafts, the event is aimed ... Read more...

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