• We Need to Talk About Food

    A new report in the medical journal Lancet suggests we must talk—and act—on food. The findings of the report were both challenging and hopeful. It asked the question: “how could we feed a predicted global population of 10 billion without destroying the planet?” The answer was: it’s possible, but only if we change our diets radically, particularly cutting global red meat consumption by a whopping 50%.

    Clearly environmentalists need to address food; but when environmentalists (as well as Christians!) have a reputation for simply being killjoys, how can we do that and bring people with us rather than turn them off?

    The report is useful to us. It doesn’t just tell us what not to do, but establishes positively what a nutritionally balanced and environmentally sustainable diet would contain – the ‘planetary health diet’. This need not cut meat entirely and gives options for personal and cultural taste. Moreover, as well as looking at how we can feed 10 billion people within environmental limits, it has an equal focus on good health. Adopting the guidelines would avoid 11 million premature adult deaths a year resulting from poor ... Read more...

  • Andy Lester’s St Helena Sabbatical

    In September 2018, A Rocha UK’s Conservation Director went on sabbatical to South Africa and St Helena. In the enclosed blog, Andy recounts some of the scientific work he undertook whilst on the island.

    It is 11.30pm on a still and cloudy night and I am standing by an ancient fort on a cliff top on the north coast of St Helena. It would be pitch black were it not for my mercury vapour bulb that is blasting out 500 watts of power to try and lure in some unsuspecting moths.

    I am feeling a mixture of anxiety and excitement as the first moth flies into the trap. Anxiety, because I am not convinced I will be able to identify what has just flown in, and excitement, as there is a small chance that a new species to science may be discovered.

    As part of my sabbatical I am undertaking a nightly pilgrimage outside the home of those kind enough to host me on the island. My aim is to record as many moth species as possible and to collect any potential new species for examination in a German ... Read more...

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