• Two cheers for ‘Net Zero’

    Two cheers for ‘Net Zero’

    Andy Atkins, A Rocha’s CEO, assesses another UK ‘first’ on climate change.

    On 27 June the UK government became the first to pass legislation committing a country to reduce its climate-changing pollution to effectively nothing or ‘net zero’. The Statutory Instrument amends the 2008 Climate Change Act, increasing the UK’s 2050 carbon-reduction target from 80% to 100%, and extending it to all greenhouse gas emissions, not just carbon dioxide.

    It’s a historic moment internationally. If the world is to achieve the 2015 Paris Agreement aim of avoiding climate catastrophe by restricting global heating to no more than 1.5 degrees above the pre-industrial average, all major emitting countries should be planning to achieve ‘net zero’ as fast as possible. Britain’s lead is likely to influence others to follow suit. 

    So, why only two cheers, not three?

    The science says it is the cumulative greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, not the date we achieve net zero which will determine whether we avoid runaway climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has alerted that we have barely a decade to peak global emissions and sharply decline. Yet greenhouse ... Read more...

  • A Rocha UK looking for new Trustees

    A Rocha UK (ARUK) is looking for up to five new Trustees to join the Board. These positions are voluntary and unpaid.

    The role of ARUK in nature conservation, and helping churches to care for creation, has never been more critical.

    Whether you are an experienced Trustee or wanting to take your first steps at Board level, we welcome applications from candidates interested in helping ARUK to develop and ensure a sustainable future.

    We are looking for people who are committed to the mission of ARUK to care for God’s earth. In addition, applicants with an interest or experience in one or more of the following fields would be welcome.

    • Legal and/or Employment

    • Ecology

    • Farming

    • Church networks

    • Networking and Fundraising

    Trustees are expected to attend four Board meetings each year, usually held in Southall, West London, on Saturdays. Our Trustees are also encouraged to take part in key events and be an active ambassador for the Charity.

    There is a General Occupational Requirement that Trustees are practising Christians.

    In order to apply please submit your CV, along with a covering statement stating why you wish to join the organisation, the skills and experience you would bring the board and any other ... Read more...

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