• Covid-19 and nature: links that must not be ignored

    Quite rightly, the first response to Covid-19 has been to try to reduce the death toll and stop the spread of the coronavirus which causes it. But we would be wise also to understand where Covid-19 has come from and, particularly, how we can prevent more such pandemics in the future. Here is what we know so far. 

    Almost certainly the virus began in China. It’s most likely origin was in illegally-traded bats from a market in the city of Wuhan. Whether the bat was alive or dead, eaten, or had its parts used for medicine is less clear. But it is highly likely that a previously unknown pathogen passed from a bat to a human as a result of human interaction with a wild species. Coronavirus, like climate change, is a vivid and brutal example of the boomerang effect of human’s short-sighted and selfish ... Read more...

  • A Rocha UK’s work during the Covid-19 pandemic

    A Rocha UK's work during the Covid-19 pandemic

    A Rocha UK are committed to the well-being of our staff and volunteers and to assisting our supporters and churches as much as we can during the challenging time. Our thoughts and prayers are particularly with those whose loved ones are vulnerable or ill, those who are ill themselves, or who are unable to earn, as well as those working in the NHS, in the social care field and other key workers.

    A Rocha UK Office

    To protect our staff, volunteers and the wider community, our office based staff and interns will remain working from home until we can provide safe space to work at the office, incorporating social distancing guidelines etc. We do not expect this to be before mid June. We are able to send out small quantities of leaflets, but are unable to send out larger quantities ... Read more...

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