• Invite your MP and join A Rocha UK at the Mass Lobby for Climate, Nature and People

    Invite your MP and join A Rocha UK at the Mass Lobby for Climate, Nature and People

    If May was a momentous month for our planet then June needs to be even more so. In the same month that the UK Parliament declared a climate emergency, the independent advisory body to government, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) have reported that we are not on track to meet the UK’s current carbon reduction targets – let alone achieve more ambitious recommendations to address the climate emergency, set out in their report earlier this month. The security of people and nature depends on bold ambition, real progress, funding and legislation – and fast. With recent media and public attention on our changing climate, this is a critical time for us, as a Christian community passionate about God’s incredible world, to stand for nature.

    Will you join us and thousands more from across the country?

    The Mass Lobby on Wednesday 26th June gives us a crucially timed opportunity to tell our MPs that The Time Is Now for action to tackle climate change and environmental decline.

    I’m in!

    Great! Register or find out more about the Mass Lobby Read more...

  • Is There a Future for the Planet?

    Is There a Future for the Planet?

    Andy Lester, Head of Conservation, looks at the recent UN paper, unpacks what this means for the planet, and suggests how we can respond as Christians.

    On the 6th May 2019, a summary of The IPBES Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, a land-mark UN paper, was released. In the report, which is expected to be published in its entirety later this year, 145 leading scientists from 50 countries share their findings on the rapid decline in biodiversity.

    The paper makes for stark reading. Of the 8.5 million species on this planet, 1 million could be lost in our lifetimes. There are indications that an unparalleled extinction of species is already upon us, and collective action is required at every level to avert a catastrophe of truly Biblical proportions.

    The Chief Executive of the intergovernmental panel reporting on biodiversity, Sir Robert Watson, warns that we are rapidly “eroding the very foundations of our economies, livelihoods, food security, health and quality of life”.

    Here in the UK, the impact of the loss of species over the past decades is most obvious when we look at birdlife. ... Read more...

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