• The critical need to reconcile economics and nature

    The critical need to reconcile economics and nature

    The February 2021 Dasgupta report highlights the terrible blind spot in economics where nature is both under-valued or ignored altogether.  This year not only sees the critical COP26 Summit in Glasgow, but also the equally important COP – of Conference of Parties – to the Convention on Biological Diversity in China in May, where the future of economic modelling and nature will be debated. 

    Dasgupta headlines the shocking link between our insatiable appetite for goods against the decline in natural capital (ecosystems and species). Since 1992 and the UN Rio Summit produced (manufactured) capital has doubled, whilst natural capital has shrunk by at least 40%. In 2021 we need 1.6 Planet Earth’s worth of natural stock to cover the demand for new manufactured goods. That ... Read more...

  • A Rocha UK is 20. Where do we go next?

    A Rocha UK is 20.  Where do we go next?

    These are bleak times. We live not just with a global pandemic, but accelerating climate change and species loss. Is there hope? And can A Rocha UK realistically make a difference?

    The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ to both – if we have confidence in what we know, humility about what we don’t, openness to work with others, and the faith to go where we believe God is pointing us. 

    A Rocha UK was founded twenty years ago as a local Christian conservation project in a deprived and multi-ethnic area of Southall, west London. That work goes on, based at our Wolf Fields reserve. But who would have dreamed that A Rocha UK would now be leading a fast growing network of Christian organisations committed ... Read more...