• When Silence Is Not an Option

    A Rocha UK CEO Andy Atkins looks behind the new wave of climate protests.

    In recent weeks climate protests have mushroomed.  A lone demonstration by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg has inspired an international movement of school students walking out of classes to demand politicians take action to safeguard their future from climate breakdown. In the UK, Extinction Rebellion has blocked major roads and bridges in our big cities to demand action on climate change and species extinction. Over one thousand people have been arrested. The group is backed by notable scientists and academics, including former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rev Dr Rowan Williams. What is going on? 

    Basically, science and our own senses are combining to wave a big red flag for humanity to stop our climate-destabilising ways, now.  In autumn 2018 a UN report by some of the world’s top climate scientists gave us twelve years to peak and sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions or face catastrophe. In the UK, February was as hot as May used to be, breaking temperature records for the ‘winter’ month.  Yet the UK is falling behind in meeting our carbon reduction ... Read more...

  • Partners Working Together – Conservation Grazing

    St. Madoc’s Youth Centre is ARUK’s Partner in Action on the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. Following the end of a long-term tenancy agreement with a local farmer, they are keen to explore ways to manage the land to benefit habitats, wildlife, and plant diversity on the Gower, part of which will include conservation grazing.
Hilfield Friary, ARUK’s Partner in Action in North Dorset, has had conservation grazing on their land since the early 2000’s, and it’s now a key part of their management for biodiversity in chalk downland wildflower meadows. Lydia Reese, our Partner in Action Manager and Richard Thornbury, who started the conservation grazing programme at the Friary, arranged a training for St. Madoc’s staff to share what they have learned.

    After an overview of the basic principles of conservation grazing using both sheep and cattle in open pasture, the staff of St. Madoc’s Centre had a tour of the Friary land and learned about some of the past challenges that the Friary has encountered as well as current obstacles and successes. They observed the differences in pastures with varying management plans and examined the animals in winter condition, observing their health and wellbeing.

    The other ...

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