• Government credibility matters for climate leadership

    Government credibility matters for climate leadership

    Ever since the Climate Change Act of 2008, UK Prime Ministers have claimed that Britain is a world leader on addressing climate change. But that claim is now wearing dangerously thin – and that risks terrible international consequences. A concerning illustration of PM Johnson’s attitude to the issue was his boasting about the UK’s commitment to achieve ‘Net Zero’ on greenhouse gas emissions and then making the trip from London to Cornwall for the June G7 on a plane – the highest greenhouse emitting form of transport he could have chosen. 

    To be fair, the UK has led the way on addressing climate change in some important ways. We were the first country to bring in legally binding greenhouse gas emissions targets, thanks to the Climate ... Read more...

  • A Rocha UK is 20. Where do we go next?

    A Rocha UK is 20.  Where do we go next?

    These are bleak times. We live not just with a global pandemic, but accelerating climate change and species loss. Is there hope? And can A Rocha UK realistically make a difference?

    The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ to both – if we have confidence in what we know, humility about what we don’t, openness to work with others, and the faith to go where we believe God is pointing us. 

    A Rocha UK was founded twenty years ago as a local Christian conservation project in a deprived and multi-ethnic area of Southall, west London. That work goes on, based at our Wolf Fields reserve. But who would have dreamed that A Rocha UK would now be leading a fast growing network of Christian organisations committed ... Read more...