50,000 marchers made ‘fantastic sight’

16 December 2015, Comments Comments Off on 50,000 marchers made ‘fantastic sight’

ruth at climate march (1)Tens of thousands of eco-activists took part in recent climate marches across these islands – and A Rocha UK staff and supporters were among them.

While 150 global leaders met for United Nations climate talks in Paris, Churches And Theology Director Dr Ruth Valerio (pictured, photo by Clive Mear) spoke at the London march – as more than 50,000 joined in to sing and samba their way down Whitehall.


A Rocha UK’s new chief Andy Atkins took part in meetings with A Rocha International at Paris. Bertie Stirling, part of the Partners In Action network, was promoting the online Advent calendar at the Belfast march (photo below by Clive Price).

Later, they were all rewarded with ‘a rare moment for real celebration’ – which is how Conservation Director Andy Lester described the outcome of the Paris talks. ‘Something genuinely exciting happened,’ he explained in Christianity magazine.

‘Nearly 200 countries agreed to a deal that will – if nations focus on the necessary actions – keep us to within a 2C rise in global temperature. If that indeed proves possible, then the worst impacts of climate change just might be averted.


‘Rather than it being too little too late, this deal may pluck mankind out of the fire, just before we were about to get seriously burnt.’ 

Fifty thousand people marching together through London was ‘a fantastic sight’, Ruth Valerio said of the London march. ‘The noise, colour, passion, fun and sense of unity was palpable. We gave a clear message to our world leaders that climate change is an issue we care deeply about – and want to see action.’

Many activists had signed a letter from the Climate Coalition, laying out the reasons for their gathering. It was published in The Times. The coalition, of which A Rocha UK is a part, said media coverage was ‘very positive’. Andy Lester was interviewed on radio programmes and wrote newspaper and magazine articles about the Paris talks.


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