A Praise Chorus

18 September 2020
Comments 4
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18 September 2020, Comments 4

“Praise the Lord, O my soul” Psalm 104:1

I was walking back home after my afternoon and evening shift at the care home where I work part-time in the kitchen. From a tree ahead a robin sang with its liquid song creating more sound than I feel you could ever expect from such a small creature. A few feet away on my right a blue tit made its contribution to the evening chorus with typical chutzpah.

Zoologists and animal ethologists can, I expect, give an evolutionary rationale to their song. I don’t dispute their wisdom, but I believe there’s another wisdom. The Psalmist describes how “the birds of the air nest by the waters: they sing among the branches … in the cedar of Lebanon the birds make their nests. The stork has its home in the pine trees” (Psalm 104). The psalm begins, “Praise the Lord, O my soul” and the whole context is of God’s creation praising him, simply by being what it is and doing what it does. So, in my book, that robin and that blue tit were praising God in their song, and they were doing it with great confidence and beauty.

Human beings do feature in that psalm, if somewhat incidentally. Perhaps we’re a bit more awkward at praise than the robin and the blue tit.

We praise God when we are what God made us to be and do what he made us to do. Doesn’t that include using our song, our words, our voices, and learning to become more confident about it – like those birds in their evening chorus.

This reflection was written by Andy Jowitt, for the Wild Christian email, ‘Nature and Praise.’ Andy is our Volunteer Community Engagement Officer at Foxearth Meadows Nature Reserve.

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4 responses on “A Praise Chorus

  1. Robin Murch says:

    Very good…the Holy Spirit……gives you that heart warming revelation……..as God has always done for people who are open to the Spirit.
    Nothing new but breath taking lily….lovely for any body. Just tell the others of that possibility
    IIn Christ*s love Robin

    PS……..I am * theological folk artist*…….often seeing wonderful thing.s……..? I will send you a sample before long

  2. Joan Stephenson says:

    Thanks for your thoughts Andy. There’s something very special about the half-light of early morning and early evening; one anticipating the day ahead and the other quietly bringing it to an end. In our garden the birds make their special contribution to both. Some days I know they make a much better job of praising God than I do.

  3. Rosemary Jarvis says:

    Since watching our Sunday service on youtube I have sung the hymns at the top of my voice & really tried to praise God with all my being. I have not had to worry about whether I was in time or in tune or if I sang a wrong word & have been able to dance or wave my arms if I have wanted to.Often I have had the window wide on warm days & once a neighbour said she had been walking her dog on the path that runs at the back of the hedge behind our house & heard me singing. I apologized & she said it was good to hear which made me feel good. We should be more like the birds who don’t worry about how they sound as they sing for joy.when I hear one singing usually robins or Tits I thank them & tell them how beautiful it is.

  4. Rosemary Jarvis says:

    i have been singing with enthusiasm in our youtube services on Sunday morning & felt free as a bird.. When I am walking & a bird sings in the hedgerow I thank them & say how beautiful they are. It is usually Robins, Blackbirds or Tits but on one walk I heard & saw a Blackcap singing.I consider all nayure my brothers & sisters like St. Francis.