A Rocha UK arrives in Glasgow for COP26

2 November 2021
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2 November 2021, Comments 2

The UN climate change negotiations (COP26) is our ‘last best chance’ to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees, beyond which we will face catastrophic consequences.

It’s a unique opportunity for our charity, with nature being on the agenda as well as the negotiations being hosted in the UK – both for the first time ever. It’s also an opportunity to showcase all of the important work that many of you are already doing through Eco Church, Wild Christian, and your engagement in Climate Sunday. 

13 staff members will be representing the A Rocha family – from the UK, Ghana, France, Canada, Climate Stewards and A Rocha International – at this year’s delayed COP26 hosted in Glasgow (1-12 November).

What do we want from COP26?

The messages that we’re taking to COP26 – as A Rocha and through the Climate Sunday campaign, are clear. We want the summit to deliver:

Agreement on ambitious greenhouse gas reduction targets. To keep global heating as close to 1.5 degrees as possible.

-Climate finance promises fulfilled. Rich countries delivering the long-unkept promise of providing $100bn a year in climate finance to developing countries to help them go green.

Working with nature not against. All countries committing to include Nature-based Solutions, in their national climate plans and agreement on sound, common principles or standards for Nature-based Solutions, to avoid greenwash. More about Nature-based Solutions can be found in our position statement here.

Agreement to accelerate the pace of international action. Countries agreeing to an annual UN review of the adequacy of combined national greenhouse gas targets.

The A Rocha family will be attending, praying, participating, and lobbying for ambitious solutions to be adopted, and by helping to inform, raise awareness and mobilise Christians. The team will be networking in the ‘Blue Zone’ and seeing how they might influence outcomes, especially around the issues of Nature-based Solutions to climate change. In the ‘Green Zone’, A Rocha Ghana will have an exhibition stand on Tuesday 2 November and A Rocha UK on Monday November 8. You can visit our digital exhibition here.

Whatever the outcomes world leaders reach at COP26, there will be continued need to act in our own churches and speak up for change.

Ways to take action:

  • Register to become an Eco Church here.
  • Join our Wild Christian community for practical ideas to enjoy, nurture and defend nature. Sign up to our monthly email here.
  • Support or enquire about joining Partners in Action, our unique conservation network (if you are a Christian land-manager or owner) here.

For further COP26-related resources including prayer points, please visit here.

2 responses on “A Rocha UK arrives in Glasgow for COP26

  1. Dele Aina says:

    This is an appeal to the world leaders
    The earth is crying, crying for help
    Please, listen, and act

    This earth is dying
    But we can save it if we choose to
    For decades, we’ve been meeting and talking about poverty, religious conflicts, wars, terrorism, climate change, ethnic cleansing, food and water shortage, racism, discrimination, unemployment, and a hundred other ills that continue to choke the earth;
    It’s time we found lasting solutions to this murderous list
    And we can, if we really want to

    The world is getting hotter
    Tempers are flaring faster
    Nations are going under
    If you’ll just listen
    The earth is crying, crying for help
    Can you hear the earth cry?

    In 2020, COVID-19 joined the terrible list
    And it has killed over five million people in the last 22 months. And, we’re yet to know what really happened in Wuhan.
    Even now, malaria, ebola, cancer, AIDS, diabetes and several other preventable diseases continue to ravage the globe

    Can’t you feel it?
    The world is getting sicker
    The pain is growing deeper
    Life is getting shorter
    The earth is crying, crying for help
    Can you hear the earth cry?

    There are too many things to say, but nothing is hidden from you guys,
    So, I beg you all, let’s do what Michael Jackson said,
    “Let’s Heal the world
    Make it a better place
    For you and for me,
    And the entire human race
    Cause there are people dying
    If you care enough for the living
    Make a better place for you and for me…”
    Please listen, the earth is crying, and it’s crying for help.
    Listen, and act.

    There’s more from where this poem came from – my thoughts on the global climate change challenge.
    I write inspirational poems and articles, and would like to be a part of A ROCHA UK (ARUK).
    Much Love and Goodwill.

    Dele Aina