A Rocha UK is a Christian charity working to protect and restore the natural world and committed to equipping Christians and churches in the UK to care for the environment

Caring for the earth and demonstrating the Christian hope for God’s world

A Rocha UK is a Christian charity working to equip Christians and churches to protect and restore the environment – for God, nature and all people. We aim to inspire individuals and families, equip churches and church leaders, build partnerships and manage land for nature and people.

In the face of accelerating climate change and species loss, we need more than ever to take action to protect and care for nature today.

We are working with: 

  • Churches through our Eco Church programme
  • Environmental leaders through our interdenominational convening work
  • Families and individuals through our Wild Christian programme, supporting people to enjoy, nurture and defend nature in their own homes and communities, and through campaigning.
  • Christian land managers through our Partners in Action network. This network includes our own two nature reserves, Foxearth Meadows and Wolf Fields, which are also demonstration sites to inspire and enable others to manage small or larger areas of land for the benefit of people and nature

Our vision - the world we want to see:

  • A world of stable climate and abundant nature, where oceans, rivers, air and soil are free of human pollution.
  • Where human society lives in balance with the rest of nature and protects the Earth’s natural systems which sustain all life
  • Where all people and communities have access to healthy nature locally
  • Where the Church worldwide understands the biblical mandate to care for all of God’s creation as a core part of its mission and manifests this how it treats its land, buildings, investments and other assets.
  • Where Christians play their full role, in collaboration with others, to protect and enhance the diversity and abundance of life on Earth, and to restore and maintain the health of our planet’s life sustaining systems
  • And where, through Churches and Christians adopting a right relationship with the rest of Creation, others are drawn to a closer, life-giving relationship with our Creator God

Climate Emergency Declaration

At A Rocha UK we are committed to nature conservation in a time of climate and biodiversity crisis. We believe that Christians and the Church have significant assets with which to act themselves, and a potentially powerful voice to call for bold action, to safeguard our common home. We believe that we are stronger when we act and speak together and so, in that spirit, we now add our voice to all those local churches, denominations, businesses, and organisations who have formally declared a climate emergency. Full declaration here.

Our ten year aims – a framework to 2030:

1. Land for nature

We want to see a large amount of land owned by UK Churches, Christian Organisations and Christian individuals being managed for nature - protecting and if possible restoring soil, water, habitats and wildlife species, and making a contribution to addressing climate change.

2. Churches and Christians for nature

We want to see the majority of the UK’s local churches engaged in deliberate and on-going action to protect nature and address climate change practically and by using their voice; we want to see individual Christians routinely caring for the environment through their actions at home, in the community and by using their voice

3. Nature for all

We want to see large numbers of the general public actively benefiting from access to nature on land owned or managed by christians, UK churches and Christian organisations.

A worldwide family

A Rocha UK is part of the international A Rocha family, a network of Christian organisations engaging communities in nature and conservation and present in more than 20 countries in six continents.

Together, we are committed to nature conservation as an expression of Christian mission. We work collaboratively with others who share our passion for nature, a healthy environment and a just transition to a low-carbon world, ever more critical in a time of climate and biodiversity crises.