Aiming high to help the planet

13 January 2015, Comments Comments Off on Aiming high to help the planet

wolf fields dig smallUxbridge Scout Leader Chris Troughton is taking his environmental concern to new heights – by doing a fund-raising sky dive for A Rocha UK.

He wants to help raise £10,000 for Wolf Fields – the former wasteland which A Rocha UK are transforming into a community garden (pictured). He’s also encouraging scouts to assist in reaching the cash target by doing more grounded tasks like cake sales and sponsored walks. ‘Anything you want to do – go do it,’ said Chris.

‘I met with three members of A Rocha UK’s team,’ he explained, ‘Andy Lester their Conservation Director, David Melville their Environmental Education Officer and Adrianna Marling their Education Intern. Their enthusiasm was infectious, the dedication obvious and their passion inspiring! Together we can do anything!’ In fact, Chris was so inspired, he decided for him, the sky was the limit so far as fund-raising was concerned. So he is planning his parachute jump for 22nd March.

‘On Chris’s second visit to us, he was keen to walk around Wolf Fields, which we did,’ said A Rocha UK’s David Melville. ‘He’s still buzzing about the project and showed me a presentation he had created for Uxbridge scout leaders. On it he spoke very well of A Rocha UK’s inspiration and passion for Wolf Fields. The net result is that the leaders are all keen – along with an executive board decision by Uxbridge Scout Group – to proceed with this fund raiser for £10,000. Almost all scouts, beavers and cubs would be fund raising.’

Aged 35, Chris has never jumped before. ‘I’ve always wanted to do it,’ he said, ‘and now I have a good reason to. It will be at the Hinton Skydiving Centre in Brackley, Northamptonshire. ‘When you arrive, you meet your tandem jump instructor and proceed to have an hour’s training. You then get crammed into a special light aircraft and – depending on the weather conditions – climb to max of 30,000 feet. You’re then at the hands of the instructor. With no hesitation or second thought, he flings you both out the aircraft! It will be filmed by another skydiver so we can show the video afterwards.’

The £10,000 will buy seeds, soils, plants and other materials for the community garden. Chris’ presentation about the campaign can be viewed at –

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