Appeal: Help us show that Christians care for God's earth

26 October 2017, Comments Comments Off on Appeal: Help us show that Christians care for God’s earth

Massive changes mean massive opportunities. As Britain prepares to leave the EU, critical policies may challenge UK nature. If we can show that our projects work and people support them, we can make a difference. So we’re asking for your help.


It’s vital that we unite communities to care for their environment. It’s vital that Christians lead the way, as a core expression of faith. It’s our hope that A Rocha UK will become their place of inspiration and provision for that work. Your donation will help us to:

• treble the number of UK churches taking action on the environment. Your donation will help a church engage with Eco Church, demonstrating that Christians actively care for God’s earth;

• establish a high-quality conservation site in every UK region. Your donation will prove caring for God’s earth is possible while incorporating the needs of the community;

• achieve our aim of increasing a local population of at least ten declining species in the UK. Your donation will help us implement exciting new projects in 2018 and demonstrate the difference Christians can make.


Please make your donation to help us care for God’s earth. Project a Christian voice to protect nature’s future.

Donate online. Or post your donation to – A Rocha UK, 18/19 Avenue Road, Southall, UB1

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