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27 January 2020
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Eco Church celebrates four years

27 January 2020, Comments 0

January 2020 marks four years since the launch of Eco Church, a period during which more than 2,000 churches have registered for Eco Church […]

24 January 2020
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Watching whilst the world burns

24 January 2020, Comments 3

A Rocha UK’s Head of Conservation, Andy Lester writes about the recent Australian wildfires. For those of you who have been watching the news […]

23 December 2019
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Mind the gap (between aspiration and action)

23 December 2019, Comments 11

A Rocha UK CEO, Andy Atkins, examines the new government’s environment policies and the critical year ahead.  2020 will be a key year for […]

23 December 2019
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End of year reflections at our reserves

23 December 2019, Comments 0

A Rocha UK’s vision for our nature reserves, rural Foxearth Meadows in Sudbury, Essex, and urban, Wolf Fields in Southall, west London, is to […]

2 December 2019
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Meet the Trustee – David Chandler

2 December 2019, Comments 0

David Chandler is a Trustee of A Rocha UK and a member of the Steering Group for Foxearth Meadows, our nature reserve on the […]