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27 April 2021
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Nature-based Solutions to the Climate Crisis

27 April 2021, Comments 1

The UK government, which will host the critical UN climate negotiations in Glasgow this November, has chosen ‘Nature-based Solutions’ as one of its five […]

26 March 2021
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Farming and Partners in Action: our vision for the future

26 March 2021, Comments 3

Farming and conservation in the UK has a chequered history. Since the Second World War farmers and wildlife enthusiasts have often been at loggerheads. […]

10 March 2021
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The critical need to reconcile economics and nature

10 March 2021, Comments Comments Off on The critical need to reconcile economics and nature

The February 2021 Dasgupta report highlights the terrible blind spot in economics where nature is both under-valued or ignored altogether.  This year not only […]

25 February 2021
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The UK has left the EU – now what for conservation?

25 February 2021, Comments 3

One month after the end of the Brexit transition period, we are starting to understand the implications of leaving the EU on all aspects […]

27 January 2021
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A Rocha UK is 20. Where do we go next?

27 January 2021, Comments 5

These are bleak times. We live not just with a global pandemic, but accelerating climate change and species loss. Is there hope? And can A Rocha […]

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