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3 July 2020
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Foxearth Meadows Photo Gallery

3 July 2020, Comments 0

28 June 2020
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Reed warblers breeding at Foxearth Meadows

28 June 2020, Comments 2

It’s one thing to know these summer migrants have arrived and found a good place to live and feed for the season. It’s another […]

26 May 2020
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Spring at Foxearth Meadows

26 May 2020, Comments 2

The blackthorn blossom was followed by the pussy willow; then the hawthorn and the snowstorm of fluffy willow seeds. Now elder is in flower, […]

21 May 2020
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Lunch with the Lord at Foxearth Meadows

21 May 2020, Comments 5

Today I was busy at Foxearth Meadows Nature Reserve, doing some one-person jobs that needed doing. I hadn’t really noticed much wildlife all morning, […]

18 May 2020
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A Rocha UK’s work during the Covid-19 pandemic

18 May 2020, Comments Comments Off on A Rocha UK’s work during the Covid-19 pandemic

A Rocha UK are committed to the well-being of our staff and volunteers and to assisting our supporters and churches as much as we […]