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24 September 2019
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Protecting creation in the chaos.

24 September 2019, Comments 0

Andy Lester, A Rocha UK’s Head of Conservation, looks at what nature needs in the uncertainty ahead.. We may, or may not, leave the […]

30 August 2019
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Torching the Amazon

30 August 2019, Comments Comments Off on Torching the Amazon

Few of us will have escaped the media scenes of fiery devastation in the Amazon over the past few weeks.  It is a man-made […]

24 July 2019
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Climate Justice Summit 2019

24 July 2019, Comments Comments Off on Climate Justice Summit 2019

Climate change is a justice issue. Those who have the least economic and political power, and the least responsibility for the changing climate, are […]

22 July 2019
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Is planting more trees really the answer to climate change?

22 July 2019, Comments Comments Off on Is planting more trees really the answer to climate change?

Andy Lester, Head of Conservation, probes the recent study on the potential of global tree restoration as one of the best solutions for climate […]

28 June 2019
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Two cheers for ‘Net Zero’

28 June 2019, Comments Comments Off on Two cheers for ‘Net Zero’

Andy Atkins, A Rocha’s CEO, assesses another UK ‘first’ on climate change. On 27 June the UK government became the first to pass legislation […]

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