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29 September 2016
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Walk on the wild side

29 September 2016, Comments Comments Off on Walk on the wild side

Spectacular walks, finding reptiles and searching for marine life were among the highlights of St Madoc Centre’s recent Gower Wildlife Holiday. Held in conjunction […]

29 September 2016
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Bail out Britain’s nature

29 September 2016, Comments Comments Off on Bail out Britain’s nature

wolf fields rejoice 2A Rocha UK plans to help head off a crisis for Britain’s ‘green and pleasant land’ – and urges churches to join the rescue bid.

‘Nature in the UK is in big trouble – that’s backed up by the latest data,’ said CEO Andy Atkins, as he launched the charity’s new strategy. ‘A Rocha UK’s vision is to see Christians and churches make a major contribution to turning this around.’

Alongside its ongoing conservation work, A Rocha UK will spearhead action in three areas. ‘Loving nature means enjoying, nurturing and protecting it,’ said Andy. ‘With the UK’s natural environment under threat, our new strategy will focus on giving more people more experience of nature – and the tools to love it.’

29 September 2016
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Comment: Catch the vision for UK nature

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When heading for a precipice, the smart thing to do is slow down and change course – fast. Britain’s nature is heading over a […]

14 September 2016
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Snap, crackle and pop for the planet

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diocese-1-1 It was a breakfast of champions for the environment – as more than 50 Anglican bishops joined Christian conservationists to launch Eco Diocese.

Part of A Rocha UK’s popular Eco Church award scheme, Eco Diocese acts as an incentive at diocesan level and encourages parish-level engagement. Through its bishop, a diocese can work towards Eco Diocese status by meeting set criteria.

A Rocha UK and Anglican environmental initiative Shrinking The Footprint launched Eco Diocese at a special breakfast on 14th September. Key speakers were Bishop of Salisbury Rt Rev Nicholas Holtam – the Church of England’s lead on environmental issues – Bishop of Dover Rt Rev Trevor Willmott and Bishop of Dudley Rt Rev Graham Usher.

26 August 2016
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Mini-beasts retreat to Foxearth

26 August 2016, Comments Comments Off on Mini-beasts retreat to Foxearth

Foxearth – A Rocha UK’s first major nature reserve – is becoming a refuge for species under pressure. While none of the creatures found […]

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