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4 September 2015
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Prayer took off at Birdfair

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Prayer ascended at the 2015 Birdfair when A Rocha UK and A Rocha International combined forces for the so-called ‘Glastonbury for birders’ at Rutland […]

3 September 2015
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Norman’s wisdom reshaped a valley

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Pioneering environmentalist Norman Crowson (pictured) is stepping back from leading Dronfield’s Lea Brook Valley Project, one of A Rocha UK’s Partners In Action. A […]

3 September 2015
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Eagle-eye view of ecology

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MartinandMargot for enewsIt was written in a mountain hideaway as eagles soared up the valley below. Published in time for United Nations climate change talks in Paris, A Christian Guide To Environmental Issues focuses on A Rocha UK and its associates across the globe.

Penned by A Rocha UK board member Rev Margot Hodson with her husband Martin (pictured), the book takes eight environmental issues and offers a biblical reflection on each one. ‘As far as we know, nobody has taken this approach before,’ said the couple.

The Hodsons wrote their manuscript on sabbatical in Spain, mostly in a mountain retreat. ‘A special highlight was sitting on the terrace of our apartment at breakfast,’ said Martin, ‘and watching the booted eagles flying up the valley below.’

They ended their sabbatical trip at Cruzinha, A Rocha Portugal. ‘It was October, but felt like mid-summer, and we were told this was very unusual,’ said Margot. ‘Was that global warming? We also realised how serious the threat to the Alvor Estuary is from development.’

3 September 2015
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Call for new fundraiser

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Turning dreams into reality is usually the work of a fairy godmother. A Rocha UK has found if you don’t have one of those, […]

30 July 2015
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Dragonflies are booming at Foxearth

30 July 2015, Comments Comments Off on Dragonflies are booming at Foxearth

A Rocha UK’s 12-acre nature reserve Foxearth is teeming with a rich variety of dragonflies and damselflies, recent surveys have confirmed. Trustee David Chandler […]

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