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27 November 2021
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Ideas for a Greener Christmas

27 November 2021, Comments 0

Start an annual, earth-friendly, Christmas family tradition – Decorate a tree for the birds, go on a family nature hike, try to identify and count every bird you see on a Christmas Day Bird Count or participate in a nature restoration activity such as planting a small tree together to symbolise the value of God’s creation.

26 November 2021
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Wild Christian: making links, speaking up

26 November 2021, Comments 0

Our Wild Christian community has now reached 4,500 members. It’s a unique national forum where Christians can together enjoy, nurture and defend nature. High […]

20 November 2021
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Creation’s gifts

20 November 2021, Comments 1

‘The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after […]

20 November 2021
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How do you stop yourself getting worn out from campaigning?

20 November 2021, Comments 1

by Chief Executive of A Rocha UK, Andy Atkins The climate and biodiversity emergencies will not now be solved quickly. We need to change […]

16 October 2021
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Why Christians should campaign on climate and nature.

16 October 2021, Comments 3

by Andy Atkins Christians are humans like everyone else. Why should anybody campaign, is a question surely worth looking at first. The answer is […]

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