Celebrating Creationtide and Harvest at our Nature Reserves

24 September 2019
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24 September 2019, Comments Comments Off on Celebrating Creationtide and Harvest at our Nature Reserves

At Foxearth Meadows in Sudbury and Wolf Fields in Southall, we invite visitors and churches to enjoy the Season of Creation all year round! In August, 20 people from 12 different churches came to Foxearth Meadow’s first prayer walk and 40+ from Southall Baptist Church enjoyed a picnic and prayer at Wolf Fields. On the weekend of 14–15 September alone, over 60 people attended two events at Foxearth Meadows. Saturday was a picnic, prayer walk and communion for a local church, Sawston Free Church. Sunday saw 38 people from local churches and villages gather for an hour of worship at a ‘Creation’s Freedom’ Open Air Service led by local supporters and members of the reserve’s Steering Group. 

Volunteer Community Engagement Office, Andy Jowitt reports, ‘It was a time of challenge and hope, as we listened to scripture, faced up to our failures to care well for the planet, rejoiced in the beauty of our surroundings and celebrated the hope we have in the liberation Christ gives us and all creation to become what we are made and meant to be. The prayer focus began with everyone teaming up in groups to find natural objects to inspire their intercessions. The response was inspirational. Several had walked several miles to come to the service, and many stayed to relax for a while afterwards. Some late-season dragonflies were on the wing and a kingfisher flew back and forth on the River Stour nearby.’

We are delighted at the continuing increase of community groups using our reserves as thank God and our supporters for enabling us to offer this ‘natural health’ service to the surrounding communities..

At Wolf Fields, it’s not just wildlife that  is thriving, but food crops too. We have a wide variety of fruit and vegetables growing in our allotment and orchard area, including, courgettes, tomatoes, pumpkins, grapes, plums and seven varieties of apple – it’s all part of our demonstration of what Churches or community groups can do for people and nature on a small piece of urban land. 

Coming up: Join us at Wolf Fields’ Harvest event on 5 October, 10:30am – 2pm where we will be picking apples, digging potatoes and toasting marshmallows around the campfire. The event is for all ages, with a bring and share lunch. To help us prepare for this Harvest event, please come along to Wolf Fields for a working party on 28 September, 10:30am – 2pm.  If you want to come along please email us at uk@arocha.org so we can give you further instructions. 

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