Christians, churches and COP26

5 August 2021
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5 August 2021, Comments Comments Off on Christians, churches and COP26

Climate change is the biggest threat to humanity and a growing threat to nature. But nature can provide important solutions for addressing climate change. What can Christians and churches do to make a difference?

In November the UK government will host the critical international climate negotiations known as ‘COP26’ – the 26th Conference of Parties (signatory countries) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Much is at stake at this conference, and it has been described as the last best chance to avoid global climate catastrophe. Hosting and chairing it is a unique responsibility for the British government. It also presents a unique opportunity for British Christians and churches to understand the key issues better and act on them, in service of our creator God, nature and all people. 

In response A Rocha UK is running a special programme of work around COP26. Through this we are educating Christians on the links between climate and nature and what they can do about them; helping lead a broad Churches coalition to accelerate churches’ action on climate change (Climate Sunday Initiative); and we are working with our sister organisations in the international A Rocha network to develop a common position on nature-based solutions to climate change, to inform policy makers and practitioners alike. 

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