Churches urged to lead green revolution

9 July 2015, Comments Comments Off on Churches urged to lead green revolution

A Rocha UK Conservation Director Andy LesterChurches should take the lead in the green energy revolution, since the Government has now abandoned that cause. That’s the call from Christian conservation charity A Rocha UK – who say they are ‘dismayed’ with the July budget.


Chancellor George Osborne’s statement wiped out subsidies for offshore wind farms, blocked low carbon power projects, increased road tax on eco-friendly cars and ended investment schemes in renewable energy. That was in addition to the recently announced sale of shares in the Green Investment Bank.

Reeling from the shock of such decisions, A Rocha UK is encouraging churches to continue to take a lead in promoting alternative energy. ‘Churches and communities can still invest in renewables, disinvest in fossil fuels and persuade their MPs to take a strong line on climate,’ said Conservation Director Andy Lester (pictured).


Hundreds of churches have already been taking this kind of action – many of them as part of A Rocha UK’s Eco-congregation award scheme. They have been conducting their own green audits, forming environmental groups, working out their ecological footprint and refitting their buildings to make them more environmentally-friendly.

‘We have only one planet,’ said Andy Lester. ‘There’s no “planet B”. Yet once again we see short-term policy take priority over long-term needs. It’s time for the Church to stand up and take a lead. Let’s say “no” to fracking, “no” to fossil fuels, “no” to unethical investment – and “yes” to a new sustainable future.’


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