Climate change guru gives John Stott lecture

5 October 2017, Comments Comments Off on Climate change guru gives John Stott lecture

She’s been described as the best communicator on climate change. And she’s coming to London.

Atmospheric scientist Dr Katharine Hayhoe (pictured) will deliver the John Stott London Lecture 2017 on Climate And Faith In The Public Arena at All Souls Church, Langham Place, on 16th November. Our partner A Rocha International is one of the organisers – along with All Souls, The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and Langham Partnership.


Dr Katharine Hayhoe will look at the issue of science and faith – which, since the time of Galileo, have been framed as two opposing, or at best non-overlapping, systems. As the scientific evidence builds, however, so often does the vocal opposition. And on climate change, much of that disagreement comes from political and religious conservatives.

Why is climate change so polarising to these communities? What makes it so hard to comprehend and accept? How can we remain true to both God’s written word as well as his revelation through nature when our colleagues and our church community are in conflict?

Dr Hayhoe will address these questions with her mix of biblical Christian faith, academic climate science, insights from psychology and sociology, and ‘a winsome communication style’ that has led her to being named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people.


She says on her website, ‘I don’t accept global warming on faith – I crunch the data, I analyse the models, I help engineers and city managers and ecologists quantify the impacts. The data tells us the planet is warming, the science is clear that humans are responsible, the impacts we’re seeing today are already serious – and our future is in our hands’.

Refreshments are served at 6.30pm, followed by welcome and lecture at 7.15pm. Tickets are £6 from here or on the door.

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