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5 December 2020
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5 December 2020, Comments Comments Off on Climate Sunday

November 2020 was the date set for the British government to host COP26 in Glasgow. COP stands for ‘Conference Of Parties’ and refers to the gathering of representatives from nearly 200 countries plus various other bodies for the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change. Covid-19 has meant the postponement of the COP until November 2021. Is this bad news? Possibly, when time is not on our side in addressing the huge issues facing our planet; but the delay gives us time to play a part in trying to ensure this vital event is successful in reaching agreement for bold and effective actions across the globe.

Maybe the pandemic has also given us some fresh perspectives about the importance of nature and the need for us to build back our economies greener, cleaner and fairer.

Climate Sunday is a response to the challenge supported by a wide coalition of Christian churches, denominations and charities (including A Rocha UK). Churches are encouraged to hold their own ‘Climate Sunday’ any time between now and 5 September 2021. There are lots of free resources being developed to help.  They focus on helping churches to:

  • offer pastoral support to those suffering ‘climate anxiety’ and ‘climate grief’
  • teach principles of ‘Creation Care’
  • reduce their own carbon emissions
  • serve the local community in practical projects (like restoring local green space)

You can find these resources at:

In addition, Climate Sunday aims to encourage us to join our voices in calling for a fair transition to a sustainable economy.  ‘The Time is Now’ is a “Declaration for a healthy, greener, fairer tomorrow”. It’s a petition that’s already underway, supported by a whole range of churches, development and conservation and nature organisations, and spearheaded by The Climate Coalition. You can find out more at:

On Sunday, 5 September 2021 there’ll be a national ‘Climate Sunday’ event, and the UK government will be presented with the combined commitments made by many churches over the year. 

The prophet Micah posed the question, “And what does the Lord require of you?” and answers, “To act justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God”.  Climate Sunday encourages us to do this, acting boldly out of compassion and care for nature, for all people on our planet, including the vulnerable, and for future generations.

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