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27 January 2017, Comments Comments Off on Comment: Act on your concerns

comment february 2017 enews - 1Threat of the next mass extinction is a key concern for 2017. As we closed 2016, the UK and US media were talking of the end of many species within our lifetimes.

Some of the names talked about were iconic mammals like the giraffe, tiger and polar bear. Others were less well known but equally important – such as numerous tree frog species of South and Central America.


In the UK, one in every two birds that would’ve been seen in 1960 have since vanished. That’s one in every two house sparrows, one in every two starlings and one in every two kestrels. That’s the average. Some species like the turtle dove are on the verge of extinction in the UK.

So what can we do?

This year, A Rocha UK will be working hard at building our network of Eco Churches and Eco Dioceses. We’ll be expanding our Partners In Action (PIA) scheme to include more Christian landowners and managers – including the launch of a new partnership in Scotland this summer.

We’ll also be managing our projects in Southall and Suffolk. We’re providing supporters with some of the best examples of species and habitat conservation on urban and rural sites. Visit one of our Eco Churches, or a PIA or owned project.


Beyond your support for A Rocha UK, 2017 needs to be a year of prayer and action. Pray for change in politics and the economy. Pray that the UK comes to appreciate nature for its own sake – not just from what it can give us.

Act for change. Contact your MP on issues that matter to you. Political shifts start in the constituency. Speak to your vicar about Eco Church. It’s free. It’s easy. It’s a great way to care for God’s world! (Text: Conservation Director Andy Lester. Photo is the Common Cuckoo)

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