Comment: Harvest Festival – once a year enough?

5 October 2017, Comments Comments Off on Comment: Harvest Festival – once a year enough?

Harvest Festival is an ideal opportunity to deepen our local church’s understanding of the environment – and the need to protect it.


Not only is food the most basic human need, but also it comes to us through the miracle of natural processes – the work of our Creator God.

We can take for granted the availability of food on our supermarket shelves. Few of us grow our own. We don’t suffer directly when drought or floods kill the crops, as many in the global south do. With each new generation becoming increasingly cut off from food production and nature, Harvest Festival is a chance to raise awareness.

But is it enough?

Weather events are becoming more spectacular — from record hurricanes in the Caribbean to killer droughts in East Africa. Human action is taking a devastating toll on nature and people around the world. Isn’t it time churches made care for creation a core aspect of discipleship – not just reserved for Harvest Sunday?


More than 1,000 UK churches are now on this journey. They’re registered with our Eco Church award scheme in England and Wales or our sister project, EcoCongregation Scotland. That’s encouraging. But many more congregations are still to take their first steps. Would you pray with us that they rediscover the biblical mandate to be good stewards of God’s earth?

If your church is having a Harvest Festival, may it be a joyous event. But if that’s the only mention the environment will get this year, why not prayerfully encourage your church leaders to explore making care for creation a core part of mission? And let’s pray for those people around the world for whom controls on carbon emissions or protection of species will come too late. They need to know God’s presence now more than ever.

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