A poem about plastic.

24 March 2020
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24 March 2020, Comments Comments Off on A poem about plastic.

Thanks to Laila, one of our supporters, for sharing her original poem on plastic pollution with us.

Plastic (W)RaP

No time to waste.

Our world’s a mess!

Sir David’s prophesied 

Ignore it, many more will die!

SUP. Single Use Plastics,

We must do something Drastic!



Millions hemmed in by obnoxious rubbish,

Plastic swims where there should be fish!

Toxic air repels the fresh

Pollution particles trapped in the mesh.

Plastic makers have no shame

We have every right to blame.

Their consciences have been seared

Sleeping at their jobs we feared

 Wake Up! Wake up!

So many creatures cry out in pain,

Since Sin came in

Beauty and Colour,

From every parade

Mess and Mess in every shade!

Loss and dross


Now we ponder and wonder oh

Where will it all go?

No longer able to reuse

Our world has been badly abused!

Polyethylene and polystyrene 

Polycarbonate and acrylic,

All the synthetic plastic  Polymers, now, we need stronger measures 

The Earth screams out to Mother Nature,

How saddened is our Father, Creator.

This poem was written by: Laila Lacey.  Copyright (c) 2019.

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