Deep calls to deep on oceans day

25 July 2016, Comments Comments Off on Deep calls to deep on oceans day

deep calls to deep picA Rocha UK marine researcher Hannah Hereward helped lead a special event on World Oceans Day.

Hannah led Lee Abbey staff and guests on a rock pool ramble, litter pick and a marine-related reflection (pictured). The Christian conference centre is part of A Rocha UK’s Partners In Action network.


The group gave praise for the ocean’s beauty and bounty, repented for the rubbish, asked for increased consciousness around litter and were challenged to take time each day to stop, look and wonder at God’s world.

‘World Oceans Day is a worldwide day set aside for ocean awareness activities,’ said Hannah. ‘This can range from beach murals to litter picks.

‘This year it happened to land on a Wednesday – which is the traditional day for the Lee Abbey host team to take guests down to the beach for a fire and marshmallows.’

Host team leader and Lee Abbey warden’s wife Anne Holland was keen to integrate World Ocean’s Day into their traditional Wednesday activity. So Hannah helped plan the beach reflection and rock pool ramble.

‘This went really well,’ said Hannah, ‘a great mix of awe and wonder from the guests – and still enough time to roast some ‘mallows.’

Hannah was also asked to lead a workshop. She explained more about Lee Bay and the A Rocha UK link – and how marine research fits into the Christian life.

deep calls to deep pic againBETTER FUTURE

World Oceans Day is a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future. Free resources and ideas are provided for groups and individuals to help expand the reach and impact of the day.

Launched by singer Jack Johnson, this year’s theme was ‘Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet’. Individuals and organisations across the planet took action for prevention of plastic pollution. (Photos by Rachel Oates and Hannah Hereward)

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