Double your money this Christmas

7 November 2014, Comments Comments Off on Double your money this Christmas

double your moneySupporters of A Rocha UK are being encouraged to break ground at the charity’s new nature reserve Foxearth – by doubling their donations.

From 10am on 4th December, each person who gives could have their donation doubled through the ‘Big Give Christmas Challenge’.

The ‘Big Give’ works on the basis of ‘first come, first served’. That means it’s important to donate as near to 10am as possible. If someone is unsuccessful with seeing their donations matched on the 4th, they can try again at the same time on the 5th and then on the 6th.

Every penny helps, as following the purchase of the Foxearth site this winter, A Rocha UK will be starting the next stage in 2015. That includes employing a Conservation Officer and putting conservation and education plans in place.

‘We need your help to support this crucial new staff role,’ said Head of Fundraising Lisa Ostenson, ‘so Foxearth can start to become a haven for dragonflies and damselflies – and where children, volunteers and other visitors can see first-hand the beauty of God’s creation in these creatures.’

The ‘Big Give’ is a philanthropic venture by the Reed Foundation. It’s an online giving site, which hosts the Christmas Challenge every festive season. Charities compete for match funding for projects.

‘A Rocha UK have successfully entered the “Big Give” challenge this year,’ Lisa pointed out. ‘We have a target of £25,000 in total, meaning we need to get £12,500 in donations so they can be matched to reach £25,000. Charities must apply to be accepted for the challenge. Each year the “Big Give” accepts more proposals worth more than the matched funding that is available – which is why it’s a challenge.’

For more information on the Christmas Challenge or to receive an email reminder to give on the day, please email More details about making the most of the ‘Big Give’ will be shared later. (Photo: Young environmentalists show how the ‘Big Give’ could help them explore nature’s treasure trove – including damselflies and butterflies!)

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