Eco Church Conference offers snacks that hack the system

29 January 2018, Comments Comments Off on Eco Church Conference offers snacks that hack the system

It’s such a wholesome programme, even the meals have meaning at this year’s first Eco Church Conference. The Real Junk Food Project Leicester is providing lunch at ‘God’s Earth: Our Mission’ on 24th February at Holy Trinity Church, Leicester.


The Real Junk Food Project is a network of pay-as-you-feel cafes that diverts edible food destined for waste and uses it to create meals for anyone and everyone.

Adding their own food for thought to the day will be our keynote speakers Rodney Green – who helped lead Leicester towards becoming an Environment City – and Rich Bee, who is Engagement Director for A Rocha UK.

Rodney and Rich will both address the event theme – how caring for God’s earth is an intrinsic part of our mission as Christians. There will be workshops where practical ideas will be shared on how we can incorporate this mission into existing work such as children and youth ministries. Other workshops include – food, recycling, our use of outdoor space and gardens, Eco Church and, how older theologies fit in with this.

‘We’re delighted churches across the country are engaging with care for the environment as an expression of their faith,’ said our Church Relations Manager Helen Stephens. ‘This conference will provide the space to really dig into what that means – and why it matters!’


One of our flagship projects, Eco Church enables churches to complete a unique online Eco Survey about how they care for God’s earth in different areas of life and work. The answers a church provides will collect points towards an Eco Church Award.

The survey takes participants through key areas of church life. A free suite of online resources offers plenty of support and advice about how to make the changes each church needs to become an Eco Church.

For more information, contact Helen Stephens (email tel 02085745935). Book your tickets here.

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