A Rocha UK is pleased to offer our new education resources, for primary and secondary school aged children (3-14 years).

These free education plans have been created to aid children in a variety of settings - schools, community groups and churches - to enjoy exploring nature and caring for our planet through both indoor and outdoor activities.

Each Education Plan (EP) is divided into sections and if completed in full, takes approximately 3 hours. As part of our Christian mission, some education plans have specific faith based content. Please use whichever sections you wish and adapt the timings and content to suit your specific needs. These fun, interactive, stimulating outdoor sessions are linked to the national curriculum (the NC references) and use scientific enquiry to educate.

Key Stage 1 (3-7 years)

Key Stage 2 (7-14 years)

Please email any feedback and suggestions to improve and develop our education resources to uk@arocha.org. Thank you for helping us with future planning.

With thanks to former and current A Rocha UK staff, teachers and partners who have worked closely with us:
Andy Lester, Hannah Pearson, David Melville, Rebecca Paynter, Andy Jowitt, Fiona Wilkinson, Amy Lewis, Kailean Khongsai, Mark Prina, David Chandler, Anne Scott, Regina Ebner and Lydia Reese.
Lucy Hartmann, Lead Teacher Wolf fields Primary School
Eileen Dhak, Lead Teacher, St Anselms’ Catholic Primary School
Punam Ranji, Lead Teacher, Guru Nanak Sikh Academy
Dragana Knezevic, Jennifer Hedges, Minet Country Park