Faith and the Land

5 March 2014, Comments 2

What does it mean to be a Christian landowner?

In April 2013, A Rocha UK and the Goring family of Wiston Estate, in Sussex, hosted a land conference attended by major landowners, estate managers, investment bankers (with a particular interest in the topic), church leaders and senior staff from NGOs.

A delegate concluded, ‘It was one of the most profound and thought-provoking events I have ever been to.’

Professor Michael Northcott (University of Edinburgh), Dr Elaine Storkey (Tearfund) and Martin Goldsmith (All Nations Christian College) were amongst the many speakers, whose topics included working out faith in the public sphere, current environmental crises, and biblical principles applying to land management.

For many, delegates and speakers alike, it was not just the formal talks that meant so much, but the networking and prayer, along with some very open and frank small group discussion that really got people thinking. One of the most memorable moments was a moving debate between a banker, a friar and a Pentecostal pastor on Revelation 21, death and the redemption and renewal of the land. Such an extraordinary mixture of people ensured that no discussion was without a range of view points: participants felt that they had been on an incredible journey of discovery.

Download an executive summary of the talks here

2 responses on “Faith and the Land

  1. Swaraj Jeyasingh says:

    Was there a similar conference held this year. Would be interested in any reports. Thanks

  2. Andy Lester says:


    I realise there have been a few enquiries about the Faith and Land conferences with the Wiston Estate team in Sussex. 2014 saw the second of three conferences-which built on the foundations laid in 2013. We will be having a third and final conference in spring 2015. As with the other two it will be by invitation only and the full reports will only be available to delegates; but we will endeavor to produce summaries for this web site. If however you are a land owner interested in attending the 2015 event you are more than welcome to contact me direct. Please note that places are very limited, so there are no guarantees of availability.