Foxearth: a journey of discovery begins

21 May 2014, Comments 0


The dream has come true. In February 2015 Foxearth was purchased by A Rocha UK. Thanks to your generosity, we have been able to raise the money required to buy the site and have enough money to fund a part-time ranger!  Without your incredible support this wouldn’t have been possible. A new journey of discovery can now begin.

We are certain to find new plants, insects and birds that have not yet been recorded on the site. Already there have been sightings of 19 species of dragonfly and damselfly and over 50 species of birds. So what could we find this year?


Next steps


A steering group will be convened, a ranger recruited and a new management plan put in place. New paths will be created, reed beds and scrub will be managed, a recording programme will be put in place and the gates will be opened so visitors from far and near and come and experience the peace of Foxearth.


Ongoing needs


Inevitably there are still costs to cover, still money to be found, and still a journey to go on.  The new ranger will be funded, but we will need to purchase equipment for the site. There are running costs that will need to be covered.

Foxearth now has a dedicated fund-raiser, Rachel Roberts. If you are keen to partner with us financially, have some equipment you may be willing to offer or have a fund-raising idea you would like to share, Rachel can be contacted at


Picture this


In five years’ time, A Rocha UK could be managing one of the foremost dragonfly and damselfly reserves. It could be a vital stepping stone for species attempting to move as a result of climate change. It may well become a place where those of faith and those who are seeking can come and experience God’s peace. Foxearth will be a place of quiet and beauty, of renewed hope and inspiration.


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