Foxearth Meadow Official Opening

9 May 2017
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9 May 2017, Comments Comments Off on Foxearth Meadow Official Opening

Spring is here and with it I am reminded anew of God’s goodness though nature’s richness – as bulbs flower, trees blossom, migrant birds arrive in these shores, our deciduous trees grow a new coat of leaves. I’m sure it’s a season that lifts the spirits of most of us.

But I can’t help some sadness when I read the latest statistics that show certain species numbers are tumbling; when I realise I haven’t seen a spotted fly catcher or a live hedgehog for years now, or the dancing troupes of butterflies that were common in my youth.

What picks me up is a determination to do something and the knowledge that things can be done. And this month A Rocha UK reaches an important milestone at our Foxearth Meadows reserve in Essex: our official opening on Saturday 13th May. I’ll be there with members of my family to enjoy it and help cut the ribbon! If you’re in that part of the country, please join us for fun activities, a guided tour, crafts, stalls and celebrations, from 12.00 – 4.00pm.

Foxearth will be the UK’s only reserve managed primarily for Odonata – dragonflies and damselflies. We’ve already registered 21 species of them there, almost half the total found in the UK. And with a mix of habitats, the 11 acre site bordered by the river Stour will attract many other kinds of wildlife too. There are otters on the river. We’d love to see Water Voles return too.

Our vision is that it should be a haven for nature in an otherwise sterile rural area, and a wonderful outdoor classroom where local communities and children in particular should be able to enjoy God’s creation and learn about it.

We thank God and our supporters that we were able to purchase this site three years ago. It has huge potential. Next we want to raise the money to employ a full time warden to carry out conservation work and guide volunteers. You can help us by donating to our Foxearth appeal.

And if you are anywhere near for the official opening, or at some time in the future, do drop by and enjoy God’s creation at Foxearth Meadows.

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