Campaign for creation

The church and Christians have enormous potential influence to call for change

Consider this: there are 50,000 churches in the UK, in every village, neighbourhood and city.

Between us, we are around 3 million regular church-goers. Imagine if just a quarter of churches and Christians actually took action for climate and biodiversity loss  – standing up publicly and saying “we need the Government to go further faster.” It could have a huge impact on politicians locally and nationally, and encourage others to use their voice too.  

That’s why campaigning, based on our practical experience, the science and a biblical view of Christian responsiblity, is key to what A Rocha UK does. Our Wild Christian bulletin gives monthly campaigning updates. See below for ways you and your church can take action.

Why should Christians campaign on nature and climate?

“There can be no solution to climate change without addressing biodiversity destruction and there can be no solution to the biodiversity crisis without addressing climate change” - the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Climate change is having a massive impact on nature and it’s officially been recognised by the world’s largest scientific body on climate change that we have to deal with both together. God loves His creation and wants us to care for it too. We are called upon to love our neighbour and we now know that climate change is undermining our neighbours’ ability to live. So what can we do about it in the UK?

Take action with the Zero Hour campaign

We’ve partnered with the Zero Hour campaign for a Climate and Ecology Bill. We encourage you and your church to take action by writing to your MP about the bill.

The Climate and Ecology Bill explained

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