Be a hero for nature

Your fundraising efforts will help us continue to make a real difference in protecting the environment for the benefit of wildlife and people.

Get Active

Run, walk, cycle or scoot
Use an app that tracks your route and make the shape of a spider, swan or other animal. Get friends to nominate an animal shape and sponsor you as you try to achieve it.

Get moving 
Do as many keepie-uppies as you can, complete a challenging workout or hop, skip and jump laps of your garden or local green space and ask family, friends and your church to sponsor you.

Do it your way  
Walk, jog or run at your own pace, choosing your own distance or take part in an event of your choice. Set yourself a challenge and invite others to join you or donate.

Get creative 

Knit for nature 
Gather the knitters in your church together and see how many squares, animals or insects you can knit in a given time slot. Get sponsored for your efforts and consider auctioning the finished goods for A Rocha UK too. 

Sing for nature 
How many songs about nature can you sing in a day? How many songs mention nature? Grab those hairbrushes and hit the live button on your social channel. Or, hold a recital or concert to show off your musical gifting and invite those coming to donate.

Paint for the planet 
Draw or paint different things from nature. Create an online exhibition. Ask people to donate to claim a painting for their own.

Get your church involved

Host an event
Organise an eco-themed get together for a Harvest supper, Christmas dinner or Lent Lunch. If you want to keep it simple, hold a coffee morning or afternoon tea and invite those coming to give a donation towards the work of A Rocha UK. 

Bake for nature
Host your very own Great British Bake Off and challenge wannabe bakers to create their own showstoppers in the shape of their favourite animal or whip up nature-themed cupcakes! Encourage donations to A Rocha UK for every entry. 

Nature-themed quiz or scavenger hunt
Organise a church quiz and invite everyone attending to donate to take part. Or use technology and throw a smartphone nature scavenger hunt. Create a list of items contestants have to snap on their smartphones, a mixture of easy and tricky. Get people at home or church to donate to enter and whoever gets the most snaps wins. 

How to send in your fundraising
You can set up a JustGiving page on the web link below by selecting ‘start fundraising’. Personalise your page and then you’re ready to share it with friends and family! 

You can also donate by bank transfer or post. Please email: to tell us about your donation, event or if you need a bit more support.