Get ready to return to nature

29 January 2018, Comments Comments Off on Get ready to return to nature

As part of our mission to mobilise Christians and churches to care for the natural world, we’re launching a new programme!

That’s because fewer and fewer of us engage with nature regularly. Yet the good news is that we don’t have to go far to find life, even in the middle of our most crowded cities.


Think about it. What would happen if Christians across the UK decided to reconnect to the natural world? What would happen if we stopped to notice the flowers, insects, birds and other creatures that surround us? And what does God think about his creation, anyway?

Aimed at the everyday man, woman and child who wants to reconnect with nature but doesn’t always know how, the programme will help individual Christians – and their families – to regain their sense of wonder at the beauty of creation in all its many forms by:

• thinking about the connections between the nature around us and our faith;
• proposing practical ways to help restore nature in and around our homes;
• supporting campaigns that call on politicians to defend nature.


The actions will be suitable for people of all ages. So there’ll be plenty of opportunity to get the kids and grandchildren involved, too. It’s going to be exciting! Keep your eyes peeled for more details on how to sign up in next month’s eNews!

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