Glad tidings of great joy

18 December 2017, Comments Comments Off on Glad tidings of great joy

Good news rarely makes the headlines – so we need to root it out and build on it – fast. That’s the message from our CEO Andy Atkins in his latest blog.


‘As I look back on 2017, I find so much good news,’ says Andy. ‘Amid bleak stories of wildlife decline, there’s evidence of what can be achieved. Farmers in Scotland, working with the RSPB, have reversed the decline in the Corn Bunting, one of the UK’s most endangered birds’ (pictured).

Andy’s blog goes on to list other good news stories about nature. But there’s more work to be done, he reminds us.

‘The key to faster solutions is public backing, including bringing whole sections of the public on board, such as Christians and churches,’ says Andy. ‘There’s good news here, too…’


To find out more details about the ‘good news’ Andy is sharing – and what he wants us all to share – read his blog on the A Rocha UK website!

This series of blogs backs up our latest campaign to help us to show that Christians care for God’s earth. Our new appeal asks for your help to make the Christian stand on nature protection heard – because as Britain leaves the EU, policies that affect nature protection in the UK are being decided right now.

Join with us to help make sure nature wins! (Photo of Corn Bunting by Alastair Rae/Wikimedia Commons)