Harvesters welcome Wolf Fields ‘haven’

18 November 2016, Comments Comments Off on Harvesters welcome Wolf Fields ‘haven’

wolf-fields-harvest-1-1A ‘small haven’ for people and wildlife. That’s how one local described A Rocha UK’s urban nature reserve Wolf Fields at a recent harvest celebration there.

They were among more than 70 people who came along from the community. Some were representing local churches – St Anselm’s, St John’s, St George’s, the Baptist Church, and New Life Masih Ghar, Heston.


They all joined in a packed programme that included harvesting, sharing food and conversation, touring the sensory garden, exploring the orchard – and more.

‘It was time to harvest most of the crops we’d been growing in the allotment – potatoes, pumpkins, onions and garlics,’ said Community Manager Kailean Khongsai. ‘The large group of young people that attended took turns digging up the potatoes – which half-filled the wheelbarrow!’

For refreshments, people brought along some food and drinks to share – and everyone enjoyed Wolf Fields’ own pumpkin and potato soup. ‘What seemed to be a big hit were the two activities of bean counting and naming the scarecrow,’ said Kailean, who was ably assisted by Community Officer/Intern Abi Forsythe.


‘For those that harvest manually, the task of finding the odd beans lost among the husks was made into a fun competition,’ he explained. ‘With a bowl of dried rice and dried kidney beans, the player had to wear a blindfold and see how many beans they could pick out in a minute.’

wolf-fields-harvest-2-1For naming the scarecrow, players had to write down their suggestions. A few volunteers chose the top three names, then asked the visitors to vote on which of the three names they liked. ‘The Wolf Fields scarecrow is now named Mr Helmet Head, for an obvious reason,’ said Kailean.

A Rocha UK has joined forces with The Big Give Christmas Challenge to raise funds for a pond at the three-acre site.

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