Help bring heaven down to Foxearth

27 May 2016, Comments Comments Off on Help bring heaven down to Foxearth

foxearth hard graftYou can help bring heaven down to Foxearth. All you have to do is contact ranger Mark Prina.

Mark (pictured) is compiling a list of volunteers to care for A Rocha UK’s 11-acre nature reserve and further enhance this beauty spot that’s already home to many wonders – including dragonflies and nightingales.


On the Suffolk-Essex border, Foxearth is a vast meadow close to Constable’s Barn that holds 20 of the known 45 species of dragonfly. This fact alone makes it a major conservation site.

Interest has already been shown by local Christians – including Sudbury Methodist Church and the North Hinckford Benefice of Anglican churches. Mark is keen to recruit even more helpers.

‘Many strands are developing at Foxearth,’ said Mark, ‘and it’s great fun keeping the plates spinning!’

Helpers have also been hard at work assisting Mark in developing some of the infrastructure. Associate James Carr helped establish some roadside hedges.

‘The locals have responded enthusiastically to this feature,’ said Mark, ‘and it’s engendered many a conversation. A farmer doubted we could do it all with loppers, bow saw and billhook – but had to concede we’d done a good job!’

Tours of the site are being planned with local history and conservation groups and schoolchildren. There are other proposals to develop Foxearth for visitors.


Mark has submitted an application to Braintree District Council to create a car park and entrance. ‘That will enable us to use the access to the reserve much more effectively,’ he said.

‘I was pulled out of the mud twice in the winter by helpful yet amused neighbours – not funny at the time but funny with hindsight! A car park is essential for our future plans and I’m hoping contractors will have this done in time for September.’

Anyone interested in helping at Foxearth can contact Mark at

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