How to follow God underwater

1 April 2016, Comments Comments Off on How to follow God underwater

What’s it like to vomit underwater in the pursuit of God? You could say it takes commitment to a deeper level.

That’s part of the story that A Rocha UK’s ‘aqua man’ Bob Sluka (pictured) will share at the Christians In Science Northern Conference this month. ‘Spreading The Good News Of Science And Faith’ will be held at The Diamond, Sheffield, on 16th April.


Bob works mainly with A Rocha International, and assists A Rocha UK in marine conservation. His conference talk will focus on ‘Revealing the hidden things of God in the ocean: A Rocha’s marine research and conservation programme’.

A conference goal is to highlight science in action. ‘My goal is to help people see research as lifting off the basket over God’s candle – as in Matthew chapter 5 – and setting out that city on a hill,’ said Bob. ‘In other words, research as revelation of God. Then conservation as healing.’

Bob grew up ‘loving the ocean’ – despite spending the first 18 years of his life in Detroit! ‘I started diving at age 13,’ he explained, ‘and degrees in marine biology from University of Miami convinced me that a life lived studying the ocean was for me.’


Although Bob was brought up in a Christian home and continues to follow those beliefs, it’s only recently that he’s discovered how his faith relates to his love of the ocean. Bob is now an associate of the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion and International Secretary of Christians in Science.

‘I’m excited to share some of the amazing ocean discoveries we in A Rocha have made through our research programmes in Kenya, the Mediterranean and the UK,’ said Bob. ‘Come hear what God is doing under the surface of the water.’ (Photo of Bob Sluka by Clive Price)

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