Ideas for a Greener Christmas

1 August 2022
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1 August 2022, Comments 0

Start an annual, earth-friendly, Christmas family tradition – Decorate a tree for the birds, go on a family nature hike, try to identify and count every bird you see on a Christmas Day Bird Count or participate in a nature restoration activity such as planting a small tree together to symbolise the value of God’s creation. Think prayerfully about the season ahead and consider how you might be able to give back to the earth and instill the values of sustainable living to your children, friends and community.

Gift your community a tree – I Dig Trees are giving away over 7,000 free community tree packs for distribution to community groups. Register your community group to receive a free tree planting pack or join a local tree-planting group. 

Plan for a less wasteful Christmas. How can we celebrate God’s creation rather than deplete its resources in a season of excess? Read useful tips on reducing your Christmas waste, including information on your local recycling rules and locations on the ‘Recycle Now’ website here. Let’s make sure our goodwill extends to our planet this Christmas.

Share your best tips for an eco-friendly Christmas in the comments!

With thanks to Eco Church All Saints’ Church, Harpenden for images.

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