Karolin Kestner, Education Intern, 2015–2016

3 August 2016
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3 August 2016, Comments Comments Off on Karolin Kestner, Education Intern, 2015–2016

karolin_workWhen I finished working for my Church in August 2016, I did not intend to intern for an environmental charity. However, when I saw the opportunity for an Education Intern at A Rocha UK starting in September, I wanted it straight away. This internship has allowed me to combine my passion for the environment and people into one; encouraging children to value nature and experience it up close. This is something that can be difficult to do in London and in the current culture where technology is at the forefront. Being out in the wild is far better!

The main role of the Education Intern is helping teach at the Environmental Encounters (which is like science class outdoors). We do things like pond dipping and grass-sweeping. Additionally, we also do Bear Hunts which involve taking children out to experience the Bear Hunt poem live; grass, river, mud, forest and cave! I also had the privilege of organising the Pollination Party this year to celebrate Pollination week, which involved three different schools with about 150 children in two days! The carousel of activities included a teaching about a bee apiary hide, feeling fruits and guessing them, as well as a pollination game. Through these classes and activities I have grown in confidence and skills in leading a group of children, teaching and also planning for the lessons. If you are considering teaching or something related to children and love the outdoors, this is a wonderful growth opportunity!

Another aspect of the internship has been helping with the development of local parks especially Wolf Fields Community Garden. This involved practical activities with the community, for example planting the Sensory Garden and helping in the allotments, managing a zone, as well as spending money donors have given for the project. It is great making the plans become a reality with the help of volunteers. Some of the best moments are tea breaks in the park! Through this I have gained insight on project management and feel prepared to take on other projects in the future.karolin_field

Finally, just to finish, one of the reasons I came to Southall was to experience ‘little India’. As someone who grew up in Asia I have loved the vibe here and the curries! Also, the A Rocha UK team are great, and have become not only co-workers but friends. I will miss them and this place as I move to Germany and see what the next step holds.

For more information please go and explore the A Rocha UK website: www.arocha.org.uk, or email david.melville@arocha.org.


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