Leading mags run Andy Atkins story

2 March 2016, Comments Comments Off on Leading mags run Andy Atkins story

andy atkins a rocha uk 5 (photo JJ)Growing up in a tropical island paradise, standing up for political prisoners, speaking to a vast ocean of faces on a protest rally and racing home to watch Have I Got News For You.

It’s a colourful montage of what life can be like for A Rocha UK’s new chief Andy Atkins (pictured) – as captured by leading Christian publications. Popular men’s magazine Sorted is the latest title to feature Andy’s story since Mothers’ Union journal Families First ran an article earlier this year.


Andy told Sorted how men can engage with the environment. ‘This vision needs men to become active in registering their church with A Rocha UK’s Eco Church award scheme – and working with their church leaders to drive those changes,’ he said.

Men and women have ‘fascinating jobs’ at A Rocha UK as they spearhead transformational projects, said Andy – such as turning a former drug den into an urban nature reserve.

‘Only the most selfish man wouldn’t care about leaving a dangerously depleted world to his future children or grandchildren, and not want to play his part in turning it around,’ he pointed out.


Andy’s interview for Families First has already been reported in A Rocha UK news. He told the Mothers’ Union magazine how he combines home life with an exhausting schedule of caring and campaigning for the planet. ‘I’m still perfecting the art,’ he admitted. ‘My wife and kids have been patient. You need protected space for the family – and to trust that the work world won’t fall apart entirely if you switch off for a while.

‘I regularly switch my work mobile off. I have a separate mobile for family and friends. I turned down a Newsnight interview because I believed on that occasion it was more important I spent the evening, as planned, with one of my children who was dealing with some tough issues. I’m so glad I did!’ (Photo of Andy Atkins by JJ)


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