Love nature with your lifestyle

1 March 2018, Comments Comments Off on Love nature with your lifestyle

Living in the UK in 2018, it’s hard to look after the environment! Our lifestyles are built around convenience, there’s a technological solution to most problems and we don’t have to think about waste because other people will do that for us.


We don’t think so! Our new offering for christians (and their families) will show you how you can tweak your lifestyle to better care for nature and the environment as an expression of faith.

Every month, we’ll send you ways you can see what nature is doing around you, alongside practical tips for taking care of wildlife.

It doesn’t matter if we live in a mansion or a maisonette, a house or a high-rise, there’s always something simple – and usually low-cost – that we can do to look after the world we’ve been given.

The programme is launching after Easter, so look out for the details of how to sign up in next month’s eNews! (Photo: Clive Price)