‘Love Where You Live’ and “Every garden matters' - How to save the world one garden at a time”

16 March 2022
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16 March 2022, Comments Comments Off on ‘Love Where You Live’ and “Every garden matters’ – How to save the world one garden at a time”

Stella Davis is an artist and printmaker, a Methodist lay preacher and a member of the Foxearth Meadows Steering Group. She lives in Stowmarket, where a small Facebook group has mushroomed into something much bigger: an active and proactive team, working for the health of their town and environment, and an invitation to produce an important exhibition. Andy asked Stella to tell us more.   

The major event coming up is our exhibition “Every Garden Matters – How to save the world one garden at a time”, to be held at the Museum of East Anglian Life between 9 April – 8 October 2022.      

The exhibition aims to understand the importance of biodiversity and create a local wave of action to provide it. Objectives include:

  1. Knowing that pollinator species have declined
  2. Knowing the difference between a sterile and a bio-diverse garden
  3. Recognising the importance of individual actions in building a mass effect
  4. Knowing where to find reliable and relevant information to equip action
  5. Pledging to make an action to improve practice
  6. Observing and noticing what is going on around in the natural world
  7. Sharing good practice with and from other places

Our exhibition features a sterile garden highlighting the unhelpful things we might do unknowingly, with a section on invertebrates and pesticides. We have a “transformation corridor” with various art and other pieces showing how humankind has woken up to the climate crisis and the need to respond. We are hugely encouraged by donations and contributions from Soil Association, Craftivist Collective, Dave Goulson, Bob Flowerdew, Rupert Read, Jonathan Porritt, Vicki Hird, Claire Ratinon, Paul Goodenough and ‘Birdgirl’ Mya-Rose Craig. The underlying theme of the exhibition is that many individual actions add up to a huge effect and this is reinforced by a real community effort to produce items for the bio-diverse garden.
Funding has come from group members, the museum and donations from Suffolk County Council, via the locality budgets of two local Councillors.
The museum rules dictate that we cannot have a real garden indoors so we have made one using a range of craft skills which we hope will encourage all ages to look hard at the natural world around them. There will be masses of information about green corridors, planting principles, composting, permaculture and no-dig, water in the garden, wildlife shelters etc. The exhibition concludes with an opportunity to make a pledge for action.

We are committed to three complementary events during the course of the exhibition, including:
An Insect Day on Saturday, 14 May. Entomologist Dr Ian Bedford and Hawk Honey from Lackford Lakes will be giving talks: “Gardening for us and them”, and “UK Bees”. Ian will run a Q&A session about garden pest problems and Hawk will lead some walks around the museum grounds pointing out and identifying insects.
An Eco Groups networking day on Saturday, 18 June. So much of our own activity has been inspired by what other groups are doing.  Please do get in touch if you would like to be included.
Other events to be confirmed, please see the website below for more information and latest updates.
Email:  stowmarketecofuture@gmail.com

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